Arachnaphobic Option for Accessibility

So starting off here, I want to say I know this is a long shot. However I really enjoy Zombie Massacre, and hate that I can’t play it because I am actually arachnaphobic and seeing spiders causes actual physical issues for me. I mean, even writing about this right now causes my skin to itch like crazy. Anyway, I would love to play this mode again because it’s one of my favorites. One version I’ve seen from another game was just a tickbox option in settings that does a model swap, so I hope that it’s considered. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I think the devs are planning to have different bosses for different maps, so if this is the case you could avoid the spider maps. Preferably if this is the case, there could be icons next to each map that would show what the boss for that map is.


Game actually helped me a bit with my phobia. I used to feel a sense of terror just at the sight of a spider but now its only finding one where I don’t want one.

Still don’t like em though.

Anyway I do miss the T Rex and I think there was like a cyclops or something, orcish thing back in GMT wasn’t there?

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Wasn’t the werewolf originally supposed to be an alternate boss for village?

I’m glad it was able to help you but for me, more exposure makes things worse.

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