Accessibility Related Suggestions Megathread

Option to toggle/limit the maximum allowed volume of condo sound emitters, because 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 unnamed individuals think it’s reeeal funny to rupture other peoples eardrums with hundreds of explosion and alarm noises…

Also, a trust system (similar to the custom canvases) for sound emitters would be useful, but probably too much of a hassle to implement, and likely to be quite underused. Tho I do hope trust system becomes a thing for workshop sound packs whenever that gets added.


Any word yet on if we’re going to see any of these suggestions added? I haven’t seen any in the patch notes for ages. I especially really need a toggle crouch and toggle inventory option, surely those aren’t too complicated to add, right…?


toggle sprint would be good too. i don’t personally need it but you hold down sprint all the time in this game and i imagine it would be really irritating to someone with a neurological issue or something like arthritis where holding down a button for a long time can cause pain.


please perhaps consider adding a filter or option in the settings to change the liquor bottles into something not-alcohol related during booze bash xd thank you for coming to my AA meeting

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