Accelerate Workshop Update (

New Track: Bedzoom Track 2!

We plan to add a second track to each Accelerate map. The first second track is for Bedzoom!

Accelerate Workshop Support!

You can now create custom vehicles and share them on Steam Workshop! We’ve added new vehicle types: bike, scooter, and hover. You’ll be able to customize the tire offsets, handlebar position, leg positions, and more.

You can get started by reading our SDK documentation here:

New Menu & Global Chat

We’ve redesigned and decluttered the menu UI in order to accommodate for upcoming options.

Global Chat is back in this update, enabling players to connect with others more easily.


  • Accelerate Workshop Vehicle Support: Create custom vehicles!
  • Accelerate: Bedzoom Track 2 added!
  • New menu
  • Return of Global Chat
  • New crash handler: Now upload crash dumps directly to us!
  • Accelerate: 1st place will no longer receive the Flavor Melon speed boost
  • Accelerate: Increased the speed of the Moon Power
  • Accelerate: Increased the speed of Combustible Cornelius
  • Accelerate: Slightly reduced the chance of getting a bumper
  • Accelerate: Slightly increased duration of boost for both the Single and Triple Melons
  • Accelerate: Spawn system now spawns players in the correct positions in the race grid
  • Accelerate: Optimized turn networking
  • Accelerate: Adjusted collisions to improve edge detection
  • Accelerate: Item pickup collision size increased
  • Added a cone angle parameter for spot light items
  • Added some component tag arguments to give additional control over brightness, cone angle, and attenuation radius of different light components within a single item

Bug Fixes

  • Bowling memory leak fix
  • Accelerate: Fixed turning being digital instead of analog for controllers
  • Accelerate: Fixed issue where All Powerful Sun was never given to last place
  • Accelerate: Fixed respawn system not respawning you properly to the right location of the track
  • Accelerate: Fixed bumper desync
  • Accelerate: Fixed boost not applying when you are not moving forward
  • Fixed a bunch of light items that did not have their default parameters reflected in the light components, including candles and chandeliers
  • Fixed the emergency light beacon item turning into a bright point light upon changing any editable parameter
  • Fixed chat being blurred while playing Poker
  • Fixed pets showing up in first person
  • Fixed Canvas surface scales being extremely small for clients
  • Virus: Fixed Crossbow tracer effects not showing up
  • Fixed Ice Rink not doing ice effects
  • Fixed ice movement issues for clients in Condos
  • Fixed canvas surface editor icons not loading
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed bird not showing up when picked up
  • Fixed Plaza 2D map location banners being blurred

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very cool

is the E-bike just dave in vehicle form


Some feedback on the new Main Menu

  • The menu seems designed for 1280x720 and wastes heaps of space on larger. The old menu looked like it scaled and made use of the extra space.
  • The chat box is tiny and hard to read. It should only be this small if screens can’t fit the fullsize one.
  • Promoting ‘Collection’ to a top-tier item is good, but it along with Workshop and Appearance go to new screens while Plaza/Condo/Games go to inline menus and that doesn’t feel right to have them displayed so similarly when they behave differently. I think there should also be a clearer distinction between “this is stuff you play” (Plaza/Condo/Games) and “this is stuff you read/configure” (Appearance/Collection)
  • The amount of nesting in Plaza/Condo and especially Game Worlds is a lot less user friendly than the old menu. I understand the purpose of this menu was to reduce clutter and confusion but to me it feels more cluttered and takes me longer to find what I’m looking for. If you’re open to big changes like this I might post some concepts, or at least minor tweaks. (does anyone have a screenshot of the old menu for reference?)
  • The blurred background behind semi-transparent menu items might be contributing to the confusion above. Stronger menu items might help, and making the background context-sensitive.

EDIT: I’ve come up with a simple solution that should work for long-time players without needing to revamp the new menu


This is being addressed in the hot fix.

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Nath said you’re already working on it so we can block the zoom models but can people stop making zoom models that are the entire width of the f*ing track?

The new main menu surely is different. It’ll take some getting used to, though it is fresh and cleaned up.

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