Quick Launch improvements - Main Menu

For long-time players and power users the new menu can feel a bit bloated and has too many layers. There is a “quick launch” expandable panel though and I think some tweaks to this quick launch menu would solve the problem for long time players.

Current quick launch

Suggested quick launch (full screen link)

An updated quick launch would include the games as it does now, but also quick links for the Plaza browser, Condo browser, start your own condo, and Join matchmaking. It would be down the bottom of the screen (just above the News and Community panel).

As with the current quick launch it wouldn’t be open by default. But if you open it, it’d stay open between sessions unless you close it again.

This would let the rest of the New menu stay as it is.

I honestly don’t think quick launch needs those additional buttons. The new menu added one extra click to the Condo button and Game Worlds. I plan to continue to work on Game Worlds menu section, I’m not entirely done with the new menu in that area.

From what you gave as an example:

  • Find plaza servers quick launch is the same as pressing the Plaza button. The Plaza button immediately shows all Plaza servers.

  • Find your condo/find other condos is the same as clicking the condo button as the condo button instantly enters into enter your condo state. The only extra click is finding other condos. We have this new menu added as well because in the near future we are adding Workshop Condos and that needs its own menu, which can be easily added to the vertical list inside the condo button.

I’m still refining the new menu, but the goal is to keep it easy to understand and less crazy than what it was, while also accounting for future updates such as Workshop Condos, Player Groups, Events, and new Server Browser Features (such as finding Friend Condos and Condos that are having parties, etc.).