[] Extreme lag, freeze-ups every 30-40 seconds

Ever since 0.8 was released yesterday, I’ve had an issue where in plaza servers or in condo servers I’d get really bad lag spikes every 30-40 seconds that makes the audio get all “crusty” for a few seconds, and then it’d recover. The weird thing is, it seems to drop the CPU and GPU usage down to near-zero, almost as if it thinks it’s inactive or something. This issue is happening to me too in the UE4 editor, when testing a project in the viewport, but I don’t know how relevant that is. I suspected it might be something displaying over the window and making it think it’s inactive but I have yet to find any program that’s doing that. Also, it’d probably be helpful to note that I have workshop completely disabled so I don’t think this has anything to do with the memory leak issues.
Has anyone else had a problem like this, or any tips on how I can fix it?

EDIT: It seems to happen not only in the plaza and condo but to every game/map that doesn’t involve me clicking the screen often. This is also similar to what’s I was experiencing in the UE4 editor so I’m really confused now.

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If this is happening in the UE4 editor, then this seems to be an issue with your hardware or drivers and not the game.

I’ve also been getting constant frame drops in the plaza since the update. On top of that, I was able to hold a consistent 80-90 fps in the plaza, and now I struggle to hit 60 near the fishing areas.

update: I was on an empty server and my fps was way higher, it must just be the players that are causing FPS issues for me. Might not have got it before this update because the plaza had been pretty quiet before the update, still seems like there might be something else though. I highly doubt a relatively small group of people can drop my FPS so much


I just updated my drivers and that didn’t seem to fix it unfortunately. I also checked temperatures and I don’t appear to be thermal throttling. I timed it and it seems that the freezing is occuring almost exactly every 50 seconds, but doesn’t really have a pattern in that it happens where ever I am in the plaza or in a condo. Also doesn’t change if i run in fullscreen or windowed mode. Honestly have no clue what’s causing this, but it happens in UE4 too so as you said it definitely isn’t an issue specific to TU. Just surprised I can’t find any posts online or anything either describing an issue like this.

this is concerning, maybe try direct x 10 to lessen the lag?

I can vouce that the peformance has gotten quite worse after this update. I used to be able to run the game smoothly around the 60fps mark with most of my settings to max, especially when the servers got full. Now I seem to struggle around the 30fps area, with worse settings.

Add me to the shit performance list. Use to get a constant 144 fps and around 10-20 ping. Now, I’m struggling to get 90 and there’s frequent drops as low as 30-40. Also, my ping has now been averaging 150-200

Same here, used to get constant 60 fps in plaza and in condo where the exceptions were new players joining in.
Now however I get awful chokes in plaza which drop me to 28 fps and in a condo where I used to get a stable 60 fps no matter what now chokes at pure random.

Has it just been in the plaza for you all or is it anywhere? For me I’ve had performance issues everywhere but the gameworlds.

I’d like to offer a different perspective, as someone who has never been able to run the game well. Before the update, I could probably get a little over 30-40 FPS max on plazas and condos, give or take a whole bunch of variables like player and canvas amount for example, with all settings except for water quality on low. Not the game’s fault, I just don’t have the hardware to play it.

After this update, I probably don’t go over 10 FPS on a near empty plaza server, and with anything with more than say 10 players, forget it. Fishing, and everything else besides just wandering around for that matter, is impossible now. I haven’t tried a Gameworld yet but Condos seem to give around the same performance.

I was under the assumption that it was just because of the increase in players at first, but during the recent sale, where the game had over 1000 people playing, I could still run it just as well as I ever could. I’m more than willing to admit that this update is probably the final nail in the coffin for me and it’s high time for an upgrade, but it’s at least good to know it isn’t just on my end.

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We’ll be investigating this.


See I assumed it was just because fishing has so many players in the same area, or perhaps it was the new foliage in the plaza that caused the fps drops. But the fact I’m getting really bad game chokes in a condo I used to get silky 60 fps in I have to question if it was something in the update.

Honestly, nothing was massively changed in this update to cause any sort of performance issues like that. Every change has been Fishing and the Plaza.

Are you placing down lots of fish?

Nope, although now yes (If 10 or so small fish is a lot) but the choking was occuring before I even placed down a single fish.

I am having this same issue. Does your audio also crackle whenever music plays? If so they may be related. I find muting my volume to help during game modes, but there are still issues with occasional freezing.