[] Notes stay stuck down / you can get stuck on Songbirds instruments

So this is somewhat of a two parter that might be somewhat related to these other two (1, 2) issues and is sorta a re-appearance of another one, but in Songbirds notes on the piano can get stuck sometimes. Like with the old report about sustaining, not an issue with the grand piano sound set since it fades out–you can however see the notes still depressed as you could in the old report. Additionally, sometimes when getting off of the piano or drumkit in Songbirds, you can get sorta softlocked. Can’t open chat, respawn, teleport w/ the map, even use the flashlight, you just have to reconnect.

Steps to Reproduce

Get on one of the instruments in Songbirds
Mash some keys
Get off of the instrument shortly after pressing a key

What I expected to happen

To get off of the instrument and have the notes released per the following,

What happened

The issues stayed down and also sometimes I’d get stuck.

Notes / Media

Doesn’t appear to happen in condos if you’re the host. In condos of other users you can get in a state where you’re sorta stuck, flaccidlocked if you will, but you’re able to hit control again to get out, which doesn’t work in plaza (for me at least). I don’t have a video of that but here’s a screenshot of me sitting w/o the instrument UI.