[] Condo Item Position Desync

The host always sees things in the correct positions, but sometimes players will see props slightly higher or lower than they should be, making some items appear to float.
For example, some one made a bookshelf, and the books were slightly floating for me, but when they sent me a screenshot of their POV, it was normal.
I couldn’t find anyone talking about this issue anywhere on the forums, so I decided to post it myself.

  • Ozman

Yea, items float for other people in condos, it seems only the host can see things correctly.

looks like the Rounding bug strikes yet again. Stuff looks slightly off for guests if its placed really precisely.

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Ah, so there was an instance of this elsewhere in the forums?

It was covered a good bit in this thread

In the replies to that post, Mac said this:

It’s also been mentioned a fair bit in the Discord.