[] Saved Hot Bars

Saved Hot Bars work as an extension to other suggestions like:

  1. Niz’s Hot Bar suggestions
  2. a suggestion to add a search bar to the inventory / hotbar
  3. CalculatorSpoon’s suggestion to favorite inventory items

The ability to save hot bars is a quality of life feature allowing players to:

  • Save their current (weapon and wearable) hot bar
  • Load any saved hot bars

Saved Hot Bars do not give the players any new abilities.
They only make switching to a set of items much faster
without the player having to individually search for items one by one.

Saving hot bars allows players to quickly switch between item loadouts depending on the situation they’re in.

I can press a key bind (or click) to load one of my saved hot bars.

If I’m building in one of my condos, I would want all of my building and map-testing tools in my hot bar.

This would include all tools (until a multitool is made), a rocket launcher (if I plan to make to make a rocket jump map), and some other items I might use to test parts of my map with.


If I’m entering someone’s condo, I don’t want any tools in my hot bar.

In this case, I’ll just switch to my condo hot bar. I’ll have a super power jetpack, text hat, wowozela, throwable shrimp, throwable eggs, laser pointer, and RC drone.


If I’m heading to the plaza, I would want a super power jetpack, magic trampoline, metal detector, fishing rod, adrenaline, wowozela, firework launcher, camera, and RC drone.


If I want to spam weapons, I can have two potato guns, two spooky guns, two confetti guns, and two throwable eggs.


If PVP condos are released, I can instantly switch to a hot bar with a bunch of weapons.


There is a system similar to this in Minecraft, where you can save different “toolbars” in creative mode.

• Added "Saved Toolbars" tab
    • Save toolbars in Creative Mode with Ctrl+1-9/⌘ Cmd+1-9 and 
    • load them with ⇧ Shift+1-9.
    • Can save up to 9 toolbars.
    • If an empty toolbar is saved, it will clear the bookmarked 
      toolbar and put back the 'informational paper' in the respective slot.

Thank you for reading.

I really like the minecraft system easy to just one time enchant a god sword and you can take that if there is some animal in the way or something, would be nice to see something similar in TU


i’d like to be able to holster on command, because presently to holster you just have to have a blank slot leaving you with 7 usable ones left. being able to have 9 and 0 slots would be great as well

also be able to stack items similar to source engine games or actually just like Virus inventory right?, being able to press the number multiple times to switch between different items. so a useful example is being able to stack all the condo tools together and switch between easily


I think all of the condo tools are going to be in one weapon at some point, but stacking items would still be really useful.

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