Favoriting Inventory Items

It’d be useful if you could favorite items in your inventory (items/equippables) to access them easier. How it would work is when you right click an item in your inventory, there would be an icon to favorite the item (like a star or heart) next to the sell/edit icons.

Favoriting an item would move it to the top of your inventory and would put it in a Favorites category (like the Nature, Furniture, etc. ones). This would be useful for getting your favorite weapons quicker, or grabbing important items (canvas walls, body pillows, etc.) without needing to search your inventory for 5 years.

I’m not sure about building stuff, but I’m fairly certain you can sort your equippables inventory. Could be wrong. Either way, it would be nice to have some sort of system to quickly access the items you’re looking for in the building tab, as sometimes I find myself having difficulty finding what I’m looking for to place down. Hopefully they can come up with something.

You can, but it won’t save. Items in both hotbars sort themselves in the order they were bought.

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do you think it’d be possible for them to code a system for us to organize our equipables?

Yes. Sorting is listed on the Inventory UI Rework card.