Zombie Massacre map- Mall

“Shortly after the outbreak started, the survivors fled their ransacked homes and took shelter in a nearby mall. After a whole week of trying on fancy clothes, and gorging on foods they’ve never even heard of, some doofus from the group left a stove on in the staff room, causing an almost deafening fire alarm to be played on repeat. After the alarm had ceased , the groans of the aggroed undead became much more noticeable. Not willing to give up their desert oasis, the courageous band of survivors must protect the mall at all costs, and hightail it to the roof once rescue arrives”.

This was heavily inspired by Dawn of The Dead (1978) and Dead Rising

If this becomes a map I’d love for mall music to make it’s way in e.g. dead rising.

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Love this idea. Now we shall wait for it, and a Paul Blart Mall Cop (segway included) workshop model.


A “mall” ZM map has a lot of potential, yeah? There could be two floors (accessible from escalators in the center, also being good places to block off with traps), fountains and planters as cover/obstacles, subsections of shops, and hallways branching off of the center of the map, circling around etc. Lower floor is more open, but harder to settle down in, top floor is easier to camp but is narrower and harder to escape from. Day 6 (boss) takes place on the roof, of course, but perhaps every few days the map could move up a floor instead (1-2 ground, 3 - first floor, - 4 second floor, 5 - roof, 6 - roof).

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Having a mall map for both game modes could work well.

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A good layout concept. I wouldn’t mind if they chose to just make one area each day but I feel like that would be a nice change. Also, since it wouldn’t really make sense for a helicopter to land in an indoor mall, I say it would be a good idea if there was a staff room, or boarded up shop after each round to transition to the next. Or, they could just walk outside and get picked up by heli as usual

Minigolf and LC had a crossover, why not Virus and ZM? ZM gets a sweet new map, and Virus too, scrubbing off some of that dusty dust that is has in terms of map quantity. ZM’s mall could be an untouched paradise, while Virus’s version of that same mall, could be unfinished, with construction equipment and scaffoldings. Alternate realities to switch it up

That’s a pretty cool idea. As long as the wall has some iconic imagery and a well visible name to draw the connection, as some malls can look same-y. I’d, for example, love to see a big sign on one map be up on a wall, and on the other be crashed on the ground.
Although I think your timelines are backwards. Zombie Massacre seems further into the outbreak- you are heading into the map locations to gather supplies before a nuclear cleansing as explained in the intro text. Virus is during the start of the outbreak- work offices are getting broken into and sounding alarms, places are for the most part in tact like the hospital, and there are many more survivors than infected. I could be wrong as I’m just speculating, but ZMs version should look more “messed up” than Virus’.

I see your point, but my thought was that the mall hadn’t been explored yet by anyone other than the survivors, because almost everyone from the city was killed. As for Virus, I guess I really don’t know the right way to handle that. Now that I think about it a construction site has a lot of verticality, and Solar really isn’t my favorite map… anyway if they choose to make a mall map, I hope they would put it with ZM personally (if it’s either or).

I think the verticality of a mall is such that it could work for these gamemodes but would present some problems. Mainly I’m not sure how infected in virus would get to the top floor- elevators seem illogical and stairs/escalators are too rough of a choke point.

Maybe construction for Virus would be the right way to go then. Verticality might not be so bad since it won’t be tight and barney purple everywhere like Solar. As long as there are enough ramps and what not to give the infected breathing room. Anyways, ZM is the main suggestion here, so lets not get ahead of ourselves