Mall - Virus Map Concept

Hello, don’t murder me if you don’t like my idea.

I had the idea for a larger, more diverse Virus map. Most Virus maps offer the same type of gameplay and strategies, so I “attempted” to design a multi layer map.

Here is my concept image and description for said map:

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Hm, not sure what to think about the concept image, however i love the idea for a mall map on virus in the future.

Your concept seems to have the two biggest killers for a Virus map, wide open spaces (Aztec) and too many dead ends. Both of these completely screw over the infected and the survivors respectively.

I love the idea of a Mall themed virus map, but I’d suggest editing your concept to have more corridors/stairways connecting all of the rooms, and smaller main rooms.

Sad that everyone likes the general mall theme but not the actual map. Sad times.

or, you know, instead of giving up right away you can take what you have already and improve on it :wink:

Took about 10 minutes on Microsoft Paint.