Your connection to the host has been lost [Plaza only?]

Been having issues connecting to the plaza all day so far, as it boots me back to the menu when I try to connect with the error message [Your connection to the host has been lost].

This issue seems to be exclusive to the lobby, however I have not tested it on multiplayer games (ie Ball Race). Loading into condos (Set to friends only) and loading up Ball Race (Friends only, 1 player limit) it loads just fine. Redeeming units and items via Catsacks and items like treasure chests also works.

Attempted solutions:
Game Restart

Computer Restart

Uninstall/Reinstall (Not just a “Steam uninstall”, I went in and deleted all the remaining folders manually. After backing them up of course).

Verifying game contents.

Disabling/Re-enabling TCP/IPv4 connections (Found this on an old Steam forum post, decided to try it myself to no avail).

Addendum #1: Last night I had an issue with TU where a game freeze was unable to resolve itself, and caused Steam and somehow Discord to freeze as well. I restarted my computer during this, and afterwards Steam thought the game wasn’t installed anymore. I believe this is the source of the error, as I had not attempted to connect to the plaza after the Restart.

Addendum #2: Tried to fix the issue by restarting my internet as a whole. Didn’t work either.

Update: Issue seems to have resolved itself. Most likely due to the recent update.