Yabause Saturn Emulator Troubles

I debated making this a bug report instead, but I think it fits better here.

This may be an issue I alone have an interest in, but I think it is perhaps a good idea to fix the Yabause emulator, or more likely replace it with something like Mednafen instead.

On top of a few other notable issues, the main one I have with Yabause is that it doesn’t seem to support analog input. The Sega Saturn had a special controller with a joystick, which didn’t have a huge amount of supported games admittedly. But still, a number had support for it, mainly racing games. Without this analog input, a lot of these games are much less playable.

I don’t know if the issue lies with the emulator itself or just some improper bindings, but I would really appreciate it if this issue could be fixed.

Thank you.

Unfortunately many of the other emulator cores were too unstable to use in Tower.

This was my breakdown back in February.

I’m not sure if things have changed since.

Well I’m bringing this up because mednafen’s saturn emulator isn’t shown on that list. Did you test it, might I ask?

Yes, I did. It crashes when you stop emulating a game.

Ah alright. I guess that eliminates that option. Oh well, maybe there’s some other way to get proper analog control. I’ll keep looking into it I guess.
Oh and I’m sorry for being blind and not seeing it on the list. I’m so good at wasting time.

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No worries, I’ll keep my eye out on emulator core changes and hopefully one day we will have better Saturn emulation options.