Xp wiped on plaza and casino

Hello, my XP for plaza and casino was completely wiped about 10 hours ago. I assumed it was a bug and that it would return to normal but it still hasn’t. I had about 250,000xp on plaza and 50,000xp on casino but it got wiped back to rank 1. I’ve never used any sorts of third party programs. What happened? My steam username is Aglaron

You most likely may have been caught using macros.

Your EXP and Items for Casino and Plaza were removed after multiple verified reports of macroing.


A video that shows why it was reset.
Macro use for atleast 3-4 hours


I just preset space to repeatable when you press and im just pressing it not afk macro if you can see it. I was playing with my phone when i pressing the button with my one hand. Please forgive me one time i will not use my phone ever again in plaza.

they don’t ban people without knowing they macroed


plus even if you weren’t properly paying attention to the game, i imagine you’d notice the fact you’re not at the machine also considering:

plus from the video it looks like very consistent space bar pressing


The devs have logs that show what you do in the game.

So say for example that you decide to say how much you love mountains in the chat, what you say will have been logged so that the developers can go back and look at the chat logs incase someone had reported you for supposedly saying racial slurs and such.

They have the same with logs for what you do in the game when it comes to movement,
which means if you use macros they will be able to see it.

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Actually, we don’t have official confirmation on this.

Edit: I’m not saying he didn’t macro. I’m just correcting you.

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please look logs

According to this they have already looked at the logs or where ever in order to confirm if you were cheating or not.


Yeah and based on that video, I don’t think there’s much room for argument. You were sitting behind a pillar pressing the space bar at an exact same interval for 3-4 hours while on your phone? Damn would I love to be able to do that lol