XBOX One Controller Issues with Accelerate

I seem to be having weird issues with the controls in Accelerate. It’s like everything is messed up. I can’t move or speed up with A, only the control stick when I push it forward. When I press A, all I do is bounce. When I press LB, I bounce and activate items. Pressing X honks the horn but also switches my camera to first person. The right stick and all the other buttons do nothing.

Referencing this with the official controls list, it’s SUPER inaccurate to how it should normally be played. I tried changing the settings in the controls menu to register it as an XBOX 360 controller, to see if that would fix the issue, but when I do, it just automatically goes back to an XBOX One controller. Could someone smarter then me please help or explain how I can fix this?

Next update should have fixes for controller issues on Accelerate:

ahhhh, good to know then. glad it’s not just me in that case, heh.

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