Would the TU developers consider a gay pride event to be political?


If not, what separates a gay pride event from any other event or addition with political leanings?

If so, what does a gay pride event say for Tower Unites stance on politics? Does Tower Unite take political stances and have a bias to certain political leanings over others, or does the game want to portray itself as being completely impartial to any political leanings?


The best solution is to not bring politics into TU, leave it neutral for everyone.
If you or others want to do that sort of thing as a community event then it’s obviously supported.
Official events for political stuff is just a big no and doesn’t really belong in TU as per it’d be representative of the people who created the game. When the best solution is to just not involve the game in politics as to not involve the creators in an idea that they may or may not fully support.


I decided to take a break from the forums but when i read this I had to say that anything that celebrates a person’s being or something that countless people are against(they have the right to and you can’t blame them) has absolutley no place in a fun social game. I mean I would completely hate it if national hate anybody and murder them day (made up because i don’t want to bring politics in the forums, but i think you can imagine a holiday that you don’t like) was part of tower unite and I would probably leave the game. so if a political holiday was celebrated in tower unite i think a lot of people would leave or not support it as much.


Sorry if that did’nt make sense but what i really mean is just i think it is a bad idea like on a red vs. blue day, tower unite would say happy blue day! I think all red fans would not like that. (and no i jsut randomly chose red and blue I am not saying the 2 main american partys)


gay pride celebrates being homosexual and all (not that it is a good or bad thing) but like jinko is saying, some people will take offence to that since it would feel it is seperating straight and other people from the game and it isn’t fair for everyone, and yeah it probably will create a lot of mean comments and hate towards homosexual people and Tower unite since it always happens online currently and i have seen situations like that happen many times.

gay pride is new and there are still a lot of controversy surrounding it and hoards of discrimination towards it, so it would be best in this current age to keep people safe and more happy by not doing something like that and causing potential hate and discrimination.

edit - this kind of links to jinkos answer with the alot of hate and stuff the would come along with it ruining the fun of the game


Thanks “Luke”(xoxo) I’m kinda open about my opinions on things and I admit I can be rude to people that are open to their opinions that differ from mine, So I honestly do think some people can be harassed and made fun of. Me being young gets me made fun of a little and by no means grants anybody respect for me so, if someone for instance comes out thinking “hey tower unite supports homosexuality(which they can or can not because it is their opinion) so i should be able to go all out and no one will call me names” but I believe this is guaranteed not to happen if they are meeting people they are not close to, because there are people like me out there that at times can be very rude and hurt peoples feelings. If someone reading this does not agree with me please send me a pm and not continue an argument on this thread. Thanks!


In the end you can kind of politicize everything. As a faithful Bible reading and god loving christian that I have totally proudly been for my entire life and never ever even looked at pagan and satanic rituals I am for super duper real deeply offended by the TU halloween events, for example. If someone wants to host gay pride at their own condo, I see this as covered by free speech though. PixelTail probably have different priorities than coding up a parade at the moment though. :smile_cat:


The real question is what would a gay pride event even be like
Just rainbows everywhere?


As a side note, how about a St. Patricks Day event? Sure it has religious roots, but so does christmas.
I’d love to see the fountain turned into a pot of gold with a rainbow pouring out of it.


I want one for the sole reason of giving an excuse for adding in some cool rainbow-themed cosmetic.

EDIT: Jinko i’m not going to allow your barely-conceled bigotry to deprive me of cool rainbow-themed cosmetics.


I can see this thread going downhill fast.

I’m sure there are higher dev priorities but hey I’d be up for the addition of rainbow hats I mean why not


Christmas has religious roots but I’d argue in this day and age it’s celebrated by a ton of different types of people who use the occasion as an excuse to gather with family and give gifts. I’m an atheist and I’ve always had a Christmas.

Besides the subject was more about the political connotations of gay pride. Not any possible religious connotations.


I don’t feel like there’s an issue with people celebrating gay pride in their own condos, because that’s a personal space anyone can use for anything. But if the developer were to push gay pride as an event they curtail to I feel like that carries a whole different context and might represent Tower Unite in a negative light for some.


uhhhh, I don’t quite see what you trying to say? My comment was labelled as a side note, i.e not in relation to the proposed gay pride event.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the modern use of Christmas as a holiday to gather with family, which is what I was trying to convey when I linked St. Patricks Day with Christmas. I’m not sure if you realised it, but the reason I brought up it’s religious roots was to settle any concerns that may be present due to religion being a somewhat sensitive topic to some people; an issue that was advertised in the OP title.

Anyway, this post is getting long enough.


As someone in the LGBT community, I’ve gotta say - not a particularly good idea.

OSRS Tried this a while ago, and it just felt… well, very out of place. See below:

It got a lot of negative reception from both LGBT as well as non-LGBT folks, just because of how out-of-nowhere it was. Tower Unite doesn’t have any events for other holidays or celebrations, only seasonal changes which do not have any controversial/political bearing.

In my opinion, the condos are the best place for celebrations of specific events and holidays.


I agree. More recently; look at the SCP controversy.


god yeah, their twitter was just a war zone


It was pretty mishandled and ban happy, and that attracted the ire of some big names which in turn affected their reddit, the wiki itself, and most importantly their reputation.


If it’s like cool rainbow items I think that would be fine as long as it wasn’t a direct cause of gay pride week.


What happened with SCP? Apparently I missed it