Would the TU developers consider a gay pride event to be political?


yeah real talk a mini st.patricks day event that lets you buy some wearables and a discount on alcoholic items in the game for like 3 days would be kind of funny


Why do you need an excuse for that? Just fucking do it. Colors don’t hurt anyone.


I feel like more canvases is the answer. Canvas banners, canvas catsacks, etc. With workshop coming as well there will be plenty of non-political means by which players can add rainbows to their home.


Honestly Christmas has in a way lost its religious meaning, it is celebrated by many faiths as a time to come together and eat/ open presents, something like a gay pride event, could disturb some people who do not believe in that sexual orientation would most likely be offended (I am not one of those people)


Does it have to be real to be celebrated? It’s people united under an interest having fun together. Or am I confusing pride events with something else here?




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