Workshop Sound Emitters

I’m noticing that any sound playing within the Workshop Sound emitter stops completely and never starts again if you physically exit and re-enter the emitter’s range. This can create problems in situations where players within that radius are listening to a playlist of music tracks, another player enters that same radius and must remain in total silence until that track ends and another one begins.

Is there a way to ensure that when you enter a sound emitter with a sound in progress it starts from the same point as the others in order to put it in sync? Some situations are quite awkward with everyone listening to music that you can’t hear XD

For a synced experience it’s probably easiest to just update a media player’s default playlist. I’m not sure the effect you want is possible with the current implementation of sound emitters.

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This is a bug. There’s code in there to prevent this from happening though, it should resume the sound emitter.

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This is the bug I was reporting here, for some reason you need to be extremely close to emitter in order to make it play.