[] Workshop Sound emitters have broken range

Workshop Sound emitters start working only when you are really close to them, and then the range you set will work.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Place Workshop Sound Emitter
  2. Choose some music or any looping sound
  3. Set huge range
  4. Be inside of range, sound is not gonna play
  5. Be really close to the sound emitter (like, really close), it will start playing, and now you can hear it in range you set.

What I expected to happen

The sound will play instantly when Im in range I set.

What happened

The sound playing only when im really close to the sound emitter.

Notes / Media

It does work only with automatic play of the sound, if you will activate it with IO button or debug menu, it will start properly (only to people, who were inside of range)


This is now fixed in the next update.