Workshop map support

Since VIrus maps have zero interactive or logical entities other than maybe jump pads, I feel like this should be one of the first Workshop map support Tower Unite should get.

Virus experience is heavily defined by its map, and I’m sure people can get creative to encourage new strategy and the way it is played solely based on the layout. Unfortunately, for some reason, it has not received any map update for a long time. Even LC, which has less players than Virus on average, has gotten more.

Workshop maps can definitely revitalize Virus community and it can always remain a fresh experience without devs having to actively work on the game for new maps.

Workshop Maps are planned… but likely as the final piece of Workshop support. However I do agree that Virus needs new maps. Virus is the most consistently played Multiplayer Game World and would definitely benefit from a new map or two, especially since it had eight released maps on GMT (with one unreleased map that became Subway).

Subway, Derelict (Solar), Dust, and Hospital all originated from GMT. I’d really like to see some more GMT maps get remade for TU.


Fun Fact: The latest Virus map, Solar, was introduced in August of 2017. There hasn’t been a Virus map for nearly 3 years.

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This feature is already planned.

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I agree that Virus needs new maps. We also have been remastering and doing major overhauls on existing Virus maps as well, such as the massive Overtime update and the Hospital rework. But still, there aren’t any new maps yet. We’ve been busy tackling Accelerate. The LC map that came out happened because it was already pretty far along in the past art wise.

We do think Workshop maps will really help Virus and all the other games. The first step towards Workshop maps is Workshop condos. The system for downloading and sharing maps, along with the UI and community features for sharing maps needs to be made first. Then we can work towards a simple level editor that’s similar to the Condo editing. This is all in the pipeline currently.


That Overtime update really paid off! It looks so good now.