Workshop Editor - having problems with editing metadata of a player model


heya, i’ve been having a lot of trouble with this recently and haven’t been able to find any answers on what to do.

Ive imported a player model that I wanna play as in the workshop editor and I’ve been adjusting values in the metadata to make sure things like the hat, glasses, backpack, tie, etc. are positioned and scaled correctly with regards to the model. I make sure when I’m done making those adjustments to save the metadata and also update the model’s upload page.

However, when I go into my condo to test it out and see how it looks, I’ve found that my changes aren’t present? For instance, in the workshop editor, I make sure that glasses are positioned and scaled correctly, then when I test the model out in-game, the glasses are positioned too high up on the face.

So then I check again in the workshop editor and find that the changes I made in the metadata are still there - so it’s not like the values reset, it’s just that for some reason those changes aren’t showing correctly in-game?

I’ve tried editing and saving the metadata, updating the model. then quitting and relaunching the game and the result is still the same.

If anyone has any ideas or advice, I’d really appreciate it because I’m getting pretty frustrated :frowning:

updating a playermodel is admittedly pretty finicky, last time i did such i found that some combination of restarting the game and clearing the workshop cache eventually led to the updated metadata appearing. i just did both as many times as necessary until it worked

not the ideal method, but it has been reported already as a bug so it’s the best we have for now i guess

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here’s a little tutorial that @Spoom put in the discord!

The ‘proper’ method for clearing the workshop cache
Use this method if models, including your own, is not updating correctly.
From the Main Menu , click Your Appearance , then once it loads, click REMOVE WORKSHOP PLAYER MODEL highlighted in red.
At this point, you must close and restart Tower Unite !
Then, from the Main Menu , click SETTINGS at the top, and then click into the CONTENT section.
Switch to the Workshop Settings tab and click Clear Cache and ACCEPT .
Click BACK a few times to get back to the Main Menu , then into Your Appearance and select your model again. Once it loads, it should be updated.

If you have already uploaded a model and need to change its Metadata:
You need to Save Metadata changes from the IMPORTS tab, then switch to the UPLOADS tab and click on the one you changed, and it will pop up the upload menu again for that model.
In this menu, you need to choose the model file you just updated and then click to upload it again. This will update the existing item on the workshop, so you will not need to provide a preview image or description when updating this way.
To see the changes, you will need to follow the instructions in the linked message.