Workshop Condos (

Plaza: New Oasis Building

We’ve updated the Oasis beach building house with a completely new and unique take. It is now 100% more beach. It is most TUbular!

Workshop Condos

You can now upload and publish your Condo for everyone else to explore and enjoy!

Simply load up your Condo, click Upload from the scoreboard menu, take a few shots of your condo, tag, name, and add a description, and upload your condo directly to Steam Workshop.

Explore various user creations such as cozy homes, puzzles, haunted houses, and more! Favorite, rate, and host Workshop Condos for you and your friends.

Workshop Condos cannot be edited by players, but we do plan in a future update to allow players to build off of Workshop Condos.

Undo/Redo For Condo Editing

Tired of making the same mistakes in life? Well, with the new Undo feature, you can undo your mistakes with CTRL+Z. To go back, use Redo with CTRL+Y. Moved the table too far to the right? Just undo that. This new feature will make it easier for builders to revert changes they made to their condo.


  • Added Workshop Condos: You can now upload and share Condos on Steam Workshop!
  • Added Undo for Condo Editing
  • Plaza Update: Oasis Surf Shop now has a new home (art pass)
  • Plaza Update: Lazy river night lighting
  • Plaza Update: Jungle-side path lighting
  • Removed FPS cap when in Singleplayer hosted games
  • Enabled “Surfing” movement in Condos
  • Accelerate: Added auto-accelerate toggle accessibility setting, turns the accelerate key into a toggle, removing the need for holding forward while in Accelerate
  • Condo: Added option to disable Firework RPG rocket jumps in your Condo
  • Condo: Added option to disable Milestone/Annoying Weapons in your Condo
  • Cleaned up workshop browser UI and search bar UI
  • Trampoline no longer halts horizontal movement/velocity
  • Firework rocket jump improvements: Less delay between fire, improved horizontal movement, added wall jump ability

Bug Fixes

  • Accelerate: Fixed a bug in sunrise isles that would incorrectly mark the players as out of bounds when near a track railing
  • Fixed media player vote skip not working properly
  • Fixed the garage door in the House condo from disappearing at different angles
  • Condo: Fixed tree colors not networking to other players
  • Fixed rocket jumping not applying the force when you jump first then fire
  • Fixed Projector not rendering media unless the projector item was in view
  • Fixed Flamethrower flame effects only displaying on the host of a Condo, now it only shows for the user of the flame thrower
  • Plaza: Fixed a bug that caused the fog to not render over the ocean
  • Plaza: Fixed some instances of grass being black or otherwise miscolored
  • Plaza: Fixed a section of path floating
  • Plaza: Fixed some bad LODs in the tower lobby
  • Plaza: Fixed some instances of grass being black or otherwise miscolored
  • Plaza: Fixed the trees on the upper level of the stores area glowing blue at night
  • Plaza: Fixed several instances of grass clipping through objects
  • Plaza: Fixed rocks going into the train station
  • Plaza: Fixed some flags on game world ports building being the wrong size or mirrored
  • Plaza: Fixed an issue in the plaza that caused the skylight to not properly toggle.
  • Plaza: Fixed a bug that caused a visual square appearance underneath the ocean
  • Plaza: Fixed the skylights in one side of the condo lobby from incorrectly not covering up the ceiling holes completely
  • Plaza: Added collision to an archway at the entrance of the gameports building that did not have collision
  • Plaza: The gameport building’s planetary rings no longer have collision
  • Plaza: Fixed the archways at the back of the tower rooftop from having no collision
  • Plaza: Fixed some windows on the tower rooftop from having no collision
  • Plaza: Removed a hole in the terrain underneath the boardwalk
  • Plaza: Fixed some wall ivy leaves from using the old texture
  • Plaza: Added path lights to the jungle-side of the plaza island, and added night lights to the lazy river
  • Plaza: Updated Accelerate’s mural in the Game World Ports

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this is great

will nsfw condos be moderated on the workshop? that would seem like a lot of work due to how many there are


finally I can undo when I accidentally move a giant canvas wall and can’t get it in the exact place I had it before


This is awesome! There have been so many times I wanted to show an impressive condo to my friends, but I’d just have to hope the creator was online and hosted. No we can see everyone’s best work on demand!

I’d be curious on this as well. Obviously, like the workshop models, they’ll have to abide by Steam Workshop rules and regulation. However I’m sure people are going to sneak plenty NSFW canvas links into these. Guess it’ll be up to users to report that.

We have rules that need to be agreed to when uploading a workshop condo. Offending maps will be removed from workshop. Players should report condos over Steam Workshop.


How are people finding this so far? I’m yet to try it out so I’m looking to see what the general consensus is.


A little buggy and definitely needs more work with permissions set by the host - but otherwise it’s a fantastic addition.


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