Workshop Accessories


The idea here is simple: allow players to make and equip accessories from the Steam Workshop.

In my mind, there would be one somewhat expensive “Workshop” item in each accessory category (hat, glasses, etc.). Once purchased, this accessory can be set to any applicable Workshop item. For example, I’d go into the appearance menu, to accessories, and then into the glasses tab. At the end of all the options is the Workshop item, which I purchase if I have not yet done so. Once selected, it brings up a list of glasses Workshop items that I’m currently subscribed to. I select one from the list, and then it is applied. If I wanted a cool Workshop hat, I’d need to buy the Workshop item in the hat tab as well. As should be fairly obvious, these accessories can be applied to any playermodel, be it standard or Workshop. Likewise, these accessories should have the same visibility control settings other Workshop items have.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome, of course. And, as always, if you like this you can vote both with the forum tool in the upper left as well as the anonymous poll below. If you have any opinion at all, you can use the anonymous poll below.

  • We need custom accessories!
  • These would be a good use of dev time.
  • I’m fairly neutral on this one.
  • I’m not a fan of this feature.
  • Adding this would be a waste of resources!

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That would be a great way to introduce workshop cosmetics to the game since they would have to be something to work for rather than some free item you receive when you log in. The price of the accessories should probably be around 150k to 200k so a group cant easily just bulk buy workshop hats to storm the plaza with whatever kind of crazy hats people will make when workshop support comes around.


I thought they said this is in devolpment


Playermodels and condo items are in development (along with custom condo and gameworld maps), but as far as I’m aware there are no current plans for custom player accessories.


Honestly I wouldn’t mind if instead of a one time lump sum payment, it cost 10k units or something for each workshop item you buy (and it can’t be changed once selected). Not too expensive but it basically means there’s infinite things to buy in the game.


Hell yeah. As far as I’m concerned, the more stuff we can make on the Workshop the better.


Yeah, this is planned.


Woah woah woah! I see that extra workshop type under maps! Now all that’s left to do is speculate about it :thinking:


I would say the only problem with this solution is that once you have earned the workshop item in each category you no longer ever have to buy another item as you can always change to whatever you want. I think you should have to buy a workshop item just like this, but somehow have it locked to the specific thing from workshop you chose forever until you buy another workshop item and get to choose again. Then you can have multiple things you purchased as different workshop items and it will make it so you have to earn units to buy more items


Yeah I said the same thing. As long as it isn’t too expensive, I’m sure most people would be happy with this.


So I looked at the top pixels and using a word finder I think I was able to guess what the option below ‘Map’ is: Sound.

@macdguy Did I guess correctly? :stuck_out_tongue:


when you fall from high and land, it plays the old minecraft fall damage sound {crunch} “OOOOHHHHh”


And you could obviously sell a workshop item placement for half the price you paid like usual. :slight_smile:


Please read my suggestion and let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:


Then maybe in future add the ability for the creators of workshop items to set an amount of that item they want to be able to be bought and essentially imported into the game. This means there can be a limited amount of certain items, paving a path for an in game player marketplace where players can sell and purchase items, whether they are developer made or workshop. People can set their own prices. I believe this feature is much wanted by everyone.


I disagree there. A system like that is way too easily exploitable. I’d prefer if all workshop items were assigned a base value by the devs, and creators have no input on the price.

If I want some sort of marketplace mechanic, I’d rather just have basic trading than that.


I guess i see your point, I just wanted the ability for some workshop items to be more exclusive. Like less than a unlimited amount. I would definitely still be happy with basic trading though, Like units and inventory items. :slight_smile: This seems like the best option to compromise and fit everyones needs


and by the way i didnt mean a system where the creators can set the prices for workshop items. I Meant where the developers set the initial base price for all the items added, only that the creator can set the amount allowed to be bought for that same base price set by the devs. Then separately have an in game marketplace in which players can resell the workshop items they bought for the developer base price, for either more or less than they paid. So the players resell at their own prices based on what they think its worth and how many were available. Players set the prices, not the creators. And the devs still set the base price.


i feel like there is no point for in game trading if there isn’t some sort of economy


You’re right, trading systems work a lot better in games where players get to directly affect prices of items. Thinking back, GMT trading was pretty much just a way to give friends free stuff, and honestly I could go without that. TU just doesn’t feel like a game that would benefit from an economy system to me :stuck_out_tongue: