Workshop Accessories


I remember in GMT

The wabbit models

They were very rare, and even the camo one I had was hard to get my hands on. I had to trade a Master Chief and something else (I think it was an obama cutout) to get it.

That’s sorta why I like the idea of trading, because if there’s some sort of high value item, you still have a way of getting it if a friend has one and is willing to part for items.


i also would really like trading since, if i have items i want sell (if i do it normally it will be 1/2 the original price) i could go find someone who want that item and trade it for just a tiny bit less that the original item price, then i get more money than if i had sold it and the other guy gets the item for cheaper


Trading sounds like a very risky idea but could really help the game if done right, on one hand it could help players who have loads of exclusive items like potato guns, bubble guns etc make some units by selling them for a premium. On the other hand it could release with a exploit or whatever that lets you clone items or something crazy like that.


I always loved seeing the wabbit models in the game :,)