Winter (non-christmas) plaza for winter season, please?

(a little entry for those who're interested)

Since long time ago, as I’ve been playing game of my childhood (kind of like Club Penguin but with other characters, and it wasn’t snowy all the time) it was flattering to me heart to see all the locations getting snowy, although not having Christmas decorations during all the winter, it just felt nice to see the game having same seasonal look as the real life (as snow is a pretty big part of it) and i loved it.

So I was really excited when Christmas event came to the Plaza, and it feels so strange that it’s already going to leave and bring the summer plaza back despite the calendar still showing January.
My idea is that it would be really nice if Plaza could have “winter” looks without Christmas decorations, keeping it since the start of the winter till the spring.
Thanks for your attention!

This is not a good idea from a technical point of view. Implementing this will be difficult, and most people will be against this addition. It is possible that the developers can add some easy-to-implement things that do not require much detail and effort. But this idea will most likely be postponed last in the list of possible additions, since a bunch of things still need to be done, and this will probably remain just a dream.

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Could you explain why do you think so? As far as I can understand, it would require devs to remove christmas decorations like candies, christmas lights and etc. while leaving the snow there. Sure, it’s not something which could be done by a snap of fingers, but at least it’s also not something requiring lots of additional work. Of course, this is just my point of view; devs can put clearer point in explaining this detail, and you are also welcome to explain yours.

Well, I can’t answer anything but to ask you if you could extend this point as well. I myself am up for this (obviously), so I’d need to gather some opinions to understand better why people (like you, for example) may not like it the way I do.


I was just thinking about this yesterday when I read the devlog. I would love this.


There’s actually a system in the game that is specifically designed to make this easy


This was actually a thing various times in the past, even as recent as November 2019.

Lobby 2 also had both an Autumn variant & Summer variant but they stopped returning at some point as well.

Presumably as the Plaza continues to change & grow the devs have to redo/update the seasonal variants to accommodate the changes, likely taking up time which artists & mappers could better spend elsewhere on less passive developments.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if once the Plaza design stabilises we see the seasonal variants return on a more consistent schedule. (fingers crossed)