Setting plaza seasonal looks in game settings + non-xmas winter plaza poll

So, as Johanna has told recently

it seems like it’s up to majority’s votes what goes into the game, I figured I might create a poll in case if the developers team finds it useful.

Snowy plaza for the winter season?
  • Yes
  • No

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But there will be people who can’t agree with the majority’s taste, and I can get how important it can be: for me personally seasonal winter looks in virtual worlds were always so important that not getting those made me really reluctant to play the game or at least the plaza till the spring comes; and it can be likewise with the ones who rather prefer to see the summer variation of the map.
So my idea is to have an option in settings which would allow to choose between “seasonal Plaza” and “default Plaza”, like we do now with day/night cycle, which would be ideal option for everyone - if it’s possible to implement.

I originally thought I would love going back to the regular plaza after the holiday event ended but I saw the regular and realized I prefer the winter plaza so having it for the entire winter season would be pretty cool


so, winter coming soon, it’s time to bump this up. It’s been quite an important suggestion for me and I hope it can make it this year
So it would be great if we could have switch between seasonal and regular plaza for both the people who really need grassy plaza in non-event time and the people who really like snow in the non-event winter time (also possible autumn someday again?), which would probably just switch the loading map on your client for you, and if that’s not possible, maybe, if the poll stays for the snow side, we all will see it in the Plaza this winter
snow staying after the christmas means decorations will go with just the snowy surfaces staying

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Hey if we can do something for Halloween then we can do something for the winter season, it only last for 2 months.


sample text

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