Windows 10 Discussion

Has anybody upgraded to Windows 10 yet? If so, how is it? What do you like about it? What are some of your concerns with it?

I’ve got a whole bunch of fixes and privacy patches to share if any of you are interested.

It’s had no trouble on my end but some people are struggling to get it to work.

If they’re members of this forum I could possibly try to lend them a hand. and are two great resources as well!

I actually had to backup and reformat in order to get the install to work, but other than that it’s been a dream. I love the new design style and some of the built-in universal apps are really good.

Although I do have a few bugs with File Explorer in which having an Explorer window freeze freezes the whole system, going to ‘This PC’ freezes it instantly, for some reason when I try to go into a folder it says ‘Application not found,’ etc. I’m thinking about resetting just to fix those bugs. :\

Is it true that the Source Engine has problems on Windows 10?

In my experience, no. I’m running every Source game I own flawlessly. Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2, especially.


Can confirm. Garry’s Mod works just fine here on Windows 10.

Is it just “in general” or when you go to a specific area? When I was trying to access a flash drive of mine that I had previously encrypted on Windows 7 it wrecked my Explorer.

I’d probably recommend another clean install too. Ninite will help with a bunch of the headache from resetting!

It’s pretty much in general, yes.

@Drachen @Spriteclad
Alright, that clears up one of the rumors I’ve heard.

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I had some GPU driver issues, but an update & restart fixed the issue.

Other then that everything has been running smoothly.

Same here. I remember trying frantically to install graphics drivers and they all failed when I first upgraded. Restarted, and it worked. So much for rule one of tech support!

For me, the installation was painless. Although to actually get Windows 10 I had to do some external stuff, it was a very easy upgrade. UI is great, it runs smoothly, looks better. I would definitely recommend the upgrade.

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External stuff? As in the Media Creation Tool?

I upgraded to Windows 10 the first day it was released to the pubilc. I did have a few issues as I will explain.

First: I’m not really sure this is an issue but my GPU drivers were nowhere to be found. I simply re installed them using the disk that came with my GTX 970. Semi-Problem solved!

Second: After installing the GPU drivers Windows 10 forced automatic updates and the GPU driver software were both trying to update thus conflicting and for some reason causing the GPU to perform horrifically. Thankfully, an update downloaded thru Windows Update fixed the problem completely.

Third: I was attempting to play YouTube videos but was restricted from nearly all of them. Even changing the settings to disable the video filter did nothing as it would turn itself on. Now here’s where Windows plays its part. I had some sort of Family Protection enabled on my Microsoft account causing the OS to screw with Google Chorme by filtering out “explicit” content. After hours of research and finally discovering that it was Microsoft all along. I managed to disable this by logging into my Microsoft account online and then disabling the family safety thing there.

These are all the issues I had and I was able to fix things up. It was a very painful experience.

Mine was pretty normal. I installed it the first day, ran GeForce Experience to get the new video card drivers. It was fine from then on.

Your second issue is further evidence contributing to the idea forced updates for Windows 10 is going to be an utter disaster. Fortunately I was able to gut that part out of my system.

Bit of an update, Stardock has released “Start10”, a Windows 7-themed start menu for Windows 8. I’ve got to say, it’s pretty damn nice and also customizable.

I like it