Windows 10 1903 Compatibility Issue

My game is not working on the newest windows 1903 build same as fortnite and some other games, and i was wondering if that is because the devs need to update the games or if thats a windows issue i need to wait for a fix for. i really wanna hop on tower.

What are your system specs, and are you getting an error upon launching? Or is it just not launching flat-out? Also have you tried verifying your steam files or reinstalling altogether?

Yes i even reinstalled windows and i am still getting these issues

my specs are : i7 9700k cpu
corsair 16gb 3200mhz ram
samsung 970 evo plus ssd
Nvidia 980 ti GPU

i honestly think its a windows 1903 compatibility issue because ever since updating ive been having so many issues especially with games. I just wanted to know if you guys are aware of it and is so is there a change coming?

Are you in the preview program?

And do you get any error messages?
What happens when you try to play?

No the full update came out but its broken, even Microsoft acknowledged this and stated they will put out an update to fix the issues but so far nothing, i really hope all this gets resolved soon, this update was by far the worst windows update i’ve ever experienced, its been blue screening my pc and causing so many issues all over the place.

Given that it has affected multiple games it could be that the update has messed something up.
But i kinda doubt that Microsoft will fix it since it seems that they dont know of this issue, plus a few other things

If the game has made any sort of crash dump it would be nice if you could post it here
You can use these instructions to find said files: How to report crashes

Id wager it’s most likely a corrupted file or improperly installed update.

When i try to play tower it opens and the screen goes black for about 2 -4 minutes then comes on the loading plaza thing then crashes. I managed to get fortnite working finally by installing it to my hard drive instead of ssd but that didn’t work for tower unite sadly.

this is what i got in one of the crashes


you could try to boot into safe mode because typically blue screens coincide with driver issues. perhaps the update has borked the way windows handles your drivers

i think so, at first i thought it was faulty ram because i kept getting memory errors randomly then i thought, theres no way coincidentally out of nowhere when i update my ram decides to give out and further testing later i can see my ram isnt the issue and i believe it is to do with the windows update, all the errors and issues started happening right when i updated two days ago.

That crash file looks weird because it doesn’t even talk about what caused it, it just seems to talk about the crash file itself

i know right, that’s literally all it says too.

Seems that the update has a lot of issues

luckily Microsoft has provided a way to check if the update has failed in some manner
Id recommend trying to use said software to check the update you installed.

If it can’t find anything then it could be that the update has changed something which has made it unable to run certain programs that the game would depend on, sadly i don’t know if that’s the case.

All in all if you can you should try and report this issue to Microsoft just incase, they might also have more info on this.

Seems that ive fallen pray to this too. Unable to launch anything Unreal related, and unable to roll back (thanks Windows…). RIP my work for a bit

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Scratch that. It seems that downloading and installing 1903 (May Update) directly from their website seemed to work for me.

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I have done that twice now and every time i run tower unite my pc blue screens, i got fortnite and every other game i play to work flawlessly but tower still has issues for me :frowning:

you could try to do a rollback or a backup restore if possible, if not you can try either using the “reset this pc” option (and tell it to keep your files) or use a install media to try and see if there’s anything that it can actually repair.