Will tu ever go mainstream?

what would it be like? would veterans dislike the newcomers? how would the devs handle with a huge influx of players?

On one hand, this game could totally benefit from a playerbase boost, on the other hand, I really don’t want TU to end up with a horrible fanbase of 9 year olds, like a certain fort game has.


i have this striking sense is that this games gonna go big one day, idk man feels like its got a kick.

I’d be terrified of a sudden boost in playercount because it seems a lot of the current systems aren’t made with thousands of players in mind. I’m sure some quick patches could fix some issues, but it’d still be nuts for a while. The recent German player influx was a small glimpse at what mainstream player counts could do.

Also I really like the tight close-knit community we have and having a mainstream audience would likely rip it apart in seconds.


“Veterans” would probably dislike newcomers while backers (actual veterans imo) stand around flexing their backer items and become gods to “Veterans” and new players alike.


that reminds me of 2b2t, maybe a vetqueue whilst they update the servers?



as much as that makes me laugh, the devs did say they didnt want to split the community up anymore. backers and normal players were enough in their opinion.

i think the most they would be willing to do to differentiate early access players to those who bought the game post early access is a trophy to place in condos.

looking it up on yt, some sort of normie ytber is playing tu and amasing a few million views whilst doing so, this could spark somthing…

jeesus christ, i cant watch 2 minuets of these videos.


At least it isn’t only Minigolf.


A thought pops into my head and that is what heaven would be like the moment the world ends
I am not a believer of Gods or Heaven but can you imagine a place and just billions of people coming in at one moment. I imagine that would be like what would happen if this were to happen.

On one hand, you have more players. However, on the other hand, you have a potential fanbase that could turn toxic quickly. Also, I can imagine that the devs, despite being as brilliant as they are, wouldn’t be able to sustain all the suggestions and bug reports coming through.

Imagine a restaurant. The more people that visit, the more staff needed. The more people, the more food that needs to be produced. Also more people to keep happy.

This is the same kind of deal. Also, the developers would also get lots more comments about updates potentially getting them rushed and underproduced.

Simply put, Pixeltail are amazing but a team the size that it is, honestly probably couldn’t handle it. That’s not a dig at the developers. People forget that devs are humans too.

Great question, though. That may be one that I will look back on often. Great time answering it


how to be likeable: use the word normie on public forums. because honestly this gives a bad impression


wasn’t using it offensively, i was only using it to describe the account, the reason i used the word “normie” is because the content is designed to appeal to the masses, i admit it may be a poor choice of wording, but this is where i was coming from.

dont get your dna in a twist

Oh boy, those thumbnails just scream “generic cuteness” to me.

EDIT: I’m not sure what would be scarier, TU’s infected, or cute anime girl infected.


new NOT CLICKBAIT snail plushy found in tower unite! RED ARROW INTENSIFIES

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When community condos will be a thing, you might want your own private club for the early players lol


i dont want to look at tower unite anymore bye guys



good god, just 2 of there videos has amassed 2.4 million views, it surprises me that were not seeing any influx in players from them. Christ…

It’s probably because nearly everyone who watches that channel are most likely kids with no money.


Omz gUys aRenT My vIdEOs so KWiRkY anD KoOl! LoOKs KidS tHanOs LoL!!!11 isNt thAT SO FUnNy anD xD!!!/? LOL!!!


In my opinion, the game won’t attrackt your average joe gamer due to the game’s concept. Those who did from watching their fav. youtuber play it will be getting bored of this game very quickly. For them, it’s just seeing Rick and Deadpool doing funny dances and not much more. Social games are pretty niece.

Minigolf however, seems to be one of the gamemode that has been quite popular. Some even love to think that it’s competing with Golf With Friends and even praise it for being better then Golf With Friends.