Will trades be a thing?

Will trades be a thing??
like this on GMT

By steam, probably.

Pretty sure devs haven’t announced anything yet, but there was a community poll on the usage of the Steam Marketplace

but if the game would use the Steam Marketplace, would that mean that the game would have microtransactions?

But I’d love it if Tower Unite would have trading cards, backgrounds and emoticons.


i would kill for a catsack steam badge tbh

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pretty sure those have been confirmed

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Cards and such have been confirmed, but since the submitted cards and items cannot be changed they need to be certain they are satisfied with what they submit.

Inter-player trading has not been confirmed due to concerns about abusing the system to create a real-world economy (you pay me $5 and I’ll agree to “trade” you these items). I think the most recent plan was to allow trading of non-store items (such as rare items gained via fishing).

Keep a look out for a future poll about the cards and emotes more towards when achievements start to roll out. We’re gonna gauge interest and make our choices based on the poll.

As for trading, nothing has been decided just yet, but we have been talking about it quite a lot. Trading is very tricky because once it’s on - there’s no going back.


Please do not make it through steam cuz of the steam guard (if you do not have it you must wait 15 days to enable it and another 15 days to complete the trade)

If we do trading, it’ll definitely be through Steam, sorry. Our inventory is done with Steam’s inventory.

I’d be alright with trading with other players, but I hope the items wont be on the Steam Market.

That’s a bad thing…?
I’m sorry, but if someone steals my account, I don’t want them trading away my items.


you have 1% to get your acc hacked while you are doing a trade

Could you explain how you came to that number? Steam Guard is just a way for Steam to remember what devices are connected to your account and ring some bells if the list changes. I see exactly no reason not to use it if you trust your computer and use it for Steam.

What if someone gets my password by other means? Steam Guard and the trade hold exist to ensure your items are safe if that happens.
And no-one can “hack” you through trading alone lol

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