Will gamemodes be only accessed through the lobby after Alpha?

I was wondering this since people in the alpha currently tend to ignore the lobby in favor of starting the minigames through the main menu, leaving the lobby servers mostly empty.

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Being able to create Gameworld Servers and join them without going to the Lobby is a feature that is here to stay.

this is kind of a concern imo
its going to be sad to have nobody to play BUMBA KERTZ with :disappointed:

EDIT: Perhaps link the lobby lineups with the ones in the main menu?

Don’t worry, @wistlyr , I’m here to help you out. Pease use this handy tip in future.

  1. Start up the game
  2. Start a server
  3. Name it Bumper Karts Party!
  4. Optional Add Free beer!
  5. Launch it, and wait for people to join
    You are so welcome.
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I personally love the lobby and will likely spend a lot of time there, and I think there are plenty of people who share that opinion. So chin up, “Bumba Kertz” will have players for sure. :new_moon_with_face:

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I really, really hope this isn’t true.

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There’s a minimum player count for Virus and maybe Planet Panic (I’m just assuming, haven’t really played it much) now, and I’m assuming the same will happen eventually for Ball Race and Minigolf. You’ll still have to look for players to play with, so I doubt lobbies are going to become absolutely deserted, and besides, you still have to join a lobby to do some shopping.

You can’t buy items by just playing Game Worlds. If they aren’t interested in that part of the game, we shouldn’t force them to go through it.

If you just want to play Minigolf with only your friends then you can do that with the menu version.

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