Why this game lacks attention

EDIT : ignore the other comments, those people are misunderstood, my point was that people think its a golf game (the ones who watch youtube vids of it) but the title which i edited pretty much was wrong i guess, carry on.

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Well minigolf is probably going to be one of the most popular gamemodes, so it’s going to get the most coverage. The rest of Tower Unite, unfortunately, isn’t really great content for the big youtubers since it’s not filled with action or actively captivating stuff. Maybe Ball Race will get some more attention when (or if) the lag issues are more under control, but it’s kinda difficult to play with other people at the moment.

I think it’s kinda tough for TU to be getting judged in its current state due to the lack of large features, but due to it being in early access, there’s not much we could do about it. If really desired, maybe Mac could ask Youtubers to put up an annotation or put it in the description that the game is not in a finished state, but that’s up to them.

I wouldn’t sweat it too much, since publicity is publicity (Which is good), and I believe the TU community should be able to handle it if people, good or bad, come along.

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If had £1 for every time someone defended a problem with this game with “its early access” I’d be a fucking millionaire.

Also I’d like to take this moment to point out that yes, YouTube’s arent doing this game justice but with over 34k people owning the game, I doubt it’s the cause. Right now the game is lacking content and after you’ve made your condo perfect there isn’t really much else to do.


I agree that TU is majorly lacking in features, but it’ll change. It’s fair game to judge the game in its current state, but for some people, that judgement stays, no matter how the game changes.

If you go look at the Steam reviews for TU, there’s quite the number of negative reviews, but they’re only negative because there’s no “Neutral” option. A lot of them are saying to wait and check out the game when it’s in a more developed state.

Now because of the Youtubers putting an extreme focus on Minigolf and nothing else, there are now an unfortunate amount of people out there that think Tower Unite is just a Golf With Your Friends ripoff, and will continue to brush it off and look down on it due to that mindset.

With all that said, I’ll go ahead and tack on that there’s more to it than just the game being in Early Access, and replying to stuff like this with the only excuse being that it’s in EA is silly.

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I’d rather the community be small with people who truly appreciate what GMT was and/or what TU will be, Rather than have a bunch teens jumping aboard the hype train because some twat on Youtube said something about it.

As long as Tower Unite has enough funding to keep alive ( which i would say it has) then I’m really not concerned about the current player count.

Defended a problem? What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t know why saying early access isn’t a good reason. The game is unfinished… Surely it should be covered when it has more features and more stuff to do since that just makes the game look more appealing to buy.


When the game is fully released, I think this game will get a huge amount of players and a lot of good feedback from the steam community, but in due time.

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