Why not to bring back old loading screen?

Because it looked much nicer


iirc there was an issue with load screens, I don’t remember where it was mentioned though.

I believe it was the issue with how the game freezes up when it loads, making animated stuff like that useless.

But this would also be non animated and it still looks so cool

i would say that they might come later in development, i have heard itd be hard to do at the moment

anything is better than the depressing blackness of the current loading screen reflecting back my deepest anxieties

and my face

Zombieassasin and The Sink God are correct, there is a problem with loading screens that causes them to freeze. While I do think the loading screen you show is nice, I personally would prefer GMT syle loading screens. I thought there was a thread about bringing back that style of loading screen, but I can’t seem to find it.


Yeah, i do know about that, but can’t we have at least still image of this older loading screen?

  1. gmt loading screens were also cool
    Btw did you search for this thread
    Why not have some fancy loading screens? [SOLVED]

Unreal Engine 4 has some issues with crashing/freezing on loading screens. The devs are going to have to wait until the UE4 team has fixed this issue.
Not sure if the UE4 version used in contains this fix.


Yeah, that’s the thread I did a quick look for.