Why Getting This Error Message From Steam?

I recently purchased the game ‘Tower Unite’ from Steam and I have been playing well. But since yesterday I am encountering a problem after a few minutes of gameplay. When I play the game, suddenly a message pops up “Steam must be running to play this game”. But Steam has been already installed on my PC. Then I dont understand why I am getting this error message. Does anyone have any idea about how can I able to fix it? I am utterly confused about getting the issue. Please help

Is Steam actively running on your computer? Try making sure Steam is launched then launch the game

If you can right click your taskbar on the bottom, open Task Manager, and then “More Details” click on the “Memory” tab ontop and you should see both Steam and Steam Client WebHelper up there, since they use a fair chunk of RAM, if you don’t then you need to relaunch Steam

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But @TheGuyWithAHat, I followed what you said. But still the I am getting the same error. Then I searched online for resolving the issue and found some articles like this one.

But most of the articles suggested to reinstalled Steam and verify the integrity of the game files. I have already reinstalled Steam and now I verified the integrity of the game files. Still, the problem persists. Do you have any other solutions that might help to resolve the issue?

But now the pops up is coming less than before. But still its irritating.

Yes Steam is actively running on my PC and I opened Steam before playing the game.