When will new gamemode be added?

I have been waiting for a new gamemode for a while now. I would love a gamemode like Hide and Seek. We tryed to play in our condos but we can see our places when we press tab.

At this moment there is sadly no specified time where the new gamemodes that have been planned will be released.

You can check their progress on said gamemodes on their trello:

If you got an idea for a gamemode that woul fit Tower Unite you can always suggest it here:
Just make sure to use the search function in that section first to see if said gamemode has been suggested before, if it has you can always add more stuff to the suggestion as long as it’s relevant.


I think a new gamemode would be nice but we really could do with some more maps for the existing gamemodes (Excluding minigolf).

it seems right now the next gamemode thats close to coming out would be accelerate, considering RC cars are done, and that makes their vehicle base.

but atm, i think the other gamemodes need some more work (zm! planet panic!) before we go right into a whole new one

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yeah accelerate sure because RC Cars
but that can apply to Planet Panic as well :^)
And to be honest i’m wanting a Planet Panic remake over a new gameworld


This. They should finish the gameworlds that already exist, before starting anything new. Zombie Massacre is still a beta and Planet Panic is an alpha.



The devs work hard we just have to wait for now.

i thought sndl was next? i mean they have a finished map for it.

im going to guess either planet panic: out of beta edition or accelerate

TU Players Launch Day: Next game will be Accelerate
TU Players Today: Next game will be Accelerate

I believe we always said Little Crusaders was first on launch day.


Maybe but Accelerate is the game everyone says comes left.

although i would love to see horror hill

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Same here, horror hill sounds the coolest

also, what was horror hill originally going to be? was it going to be like the streamer for gmt?

horror hill - yes, we have 3 games about the undead