When will condo fishing be added?

I looked through all the planned updates for Tower Unite up to and couldn’t find any reference to it.

I know the devs have said they want to have condo fishing, but they also have said in the past that there won’t be a way to make any units in condos. I personally think that fishing shouldn’t be an exception. I’m curious on what people think condo fishing would bring to the table that fishing in the plaza doesn’t already

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It gives minimal units, making a financial profit is far from the primary purpose of fishing. Just let people have their fun without stripping it back. There are other, far more optimal ways to make units everywhere else in the game. It wont kill the plaza or other games to let a player make minimal units and collect some fish in a personalized area that they would prefer to do so.

I want to be able to fish in a private area either just with friends or by myself while watching stuff on a projector, in an area that I have tailored to my preferences. It would be a fun activity to do mindlessly whilst engaging with some videos. It would allow for players to make small gains while grinding a laid back activity in private while some YouTube content plays. That was always my central desire for fishing and if they gut it then it’s potential is just limited to being a slow plaza mini-game that I won’t have that much incentive to grind out.

Unlike say, watching videos to make units in your condo, this is an activity that requires interaction to earn money from, so it’s not like people can just afk and gain cash from it, they’d still have to grind for the small amount of cash they’d be getting relative to the plethora of game worlds and plaza activities.

I wrote about it here, but it would be possible to make a “PixelSearch” script to automate fishing. Since condos are not moderated on top of macros being allowed on your own private server, this wouldn’t be fair to anyone playing. Sure someone could do this on an official server, but at least they aren’t untouchable like they would be in their own condo. I’m not trying to come off as rude, I am just trying to make sure that cheating units in your own condo won’t be possible

I responded in that thread. My attitude towards that is at the moment, it’s a hypothetical. I don’t think a hypothetical should be the reason for gutting a feature and diminishing the enjoyment the player can experience when fishing in their condo. Now, lets say something like a viable fishing script starts getting passed around, somehow someone pulls that off, and now people are afk fishing and using that to farm units, then maybe when that scenario manifests in reality and someone pulls that off, the response should be to cut unit gains and hotfix that out.

In a worst case scenario people afk farmed a condo minigame with already low unit payouts for the course of a day or two, just like they did with the Casino only minus the massive payout potential. In a best case scenario, that script remains a hypothetical that never manifests in reality and all the players can experience 1:1 condo fishing which isn’t gutted.

People already have something like this for the casino to bypass key presses, so this definitely would be made. As for removing condo fishing if it became a problem, this wouldn’t be good on PixelTail’s part to remove content from the game permanently after putting it in as a lot of people would complain about this.

I need to sleep for now, good discussion though

Are you able to confirm that exists in some way? Also I didn’t say remove condo fishing, I said remove unit gain if that hypothetical script you are talking about became a problem.

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I talked to Mac about it before which is why the key press moves now, but it can still be bypassed. I don’t know if i’m allowed to post chatlogs here or not though.
I’m going to sleep now.

EDIT: I thought of this when I got in bed; what if there was a rentable private fishing area in the plaza like there is going to be for the theater? This way people would be able to fish in private while still being on an official server