What's the craziest dream you've had?

This afternoon I was taking a nap and I dreamed that the Condos in Tower Unite were completely revamped and they were all in a massive hotel with this huge circular lobby. And the staff had this control panel thing where they could push a button and a load of balls from Ball Race just came out of nowhere and bounced around.

So… what’s the weirdest dream you guys have had?


Hoo boy. I could write a freakin novel of all the weird ass dreams I’ve had.

The skydiving paramedic during an alien invasion
The creepy floating eyes at the bottom of my stairs
The native american warrior chick being held captive who killed me



I wanna hear the skydiving-paramedic-alien-invasion story.

I have a few I’ve posted in a discord, I’ll have a dig for some of those, but a friend of mine posted about how he had a dream where he was made of sandpaper and wandered aimlessly through a formless desert.

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I had a dream where I was a shapeshifter alien lifeform and there was a war between two human factions because they were fighting over me. It was scary since it was the first time guns were involved in my dreams and I was executed in the end.


I had this dream a while ago:

I also had another dream a few years ago where I found 4 cats on the street and the next morning they could fly and had laser eyes.


I had a dream where I played a minecraft horror jumping puzzle map that occasionally turned into an RPG maker game. And Lewis and Simon from the Yogscast were there occasionally. Basically it started like an RPG maker game much like Ao Oni, but once you reached a certain room on the second floor, you would switch to first person where it would be in minecraft, and there was a tent with a crying girl in it who would then point to a mirror. Looking into the mirror reveals 4 black figures that are also armour stands because minecraft. After some stuff the armour stands kill all the other characters except for an old lady who was free of sin or something. After this the map turns into a jumping puzzle where as soon as you go through a door, you get chased by the black figures and you have to go through a path that gradually becomes more broken down at top speeds. Some sights along the way are a severed head that opens and closes it’s mouth that you have to time to get through, and a railing section much in the vain of sonic adventure.

This was hardly the craziest dream I’ve had but let’s keep this PG ey?

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It was quite awhile ago, so my memory of it is fuzzy, but the gist of it is that I worked in a city that had skydiving paramedics (its exactly as weird and stupid as it sounds) and I was one of them. I was sent out on what was supposed to be a routine rescue. Some woman was trapped in an alley and I was dropped in to rescue her. Turns out, she was purposefully hiding because she discovered that aliens had secretly invaded the city (they were shapeshifters) and now, they wanted to kill her to keep from being exposed. I brought her in and informed my boss, who turned out to be the leader of the invasion. The girl and I went on the run but I dont actually remember how it ended. Also, to add to the weirdness of the dream, the whole dream looked like 1950s film noir. Black and white, high contrast lighting, and fog all over the ground.


My dream is TU related as well, pretty much what happened was I was playing TU in VR, and I was playing Ball Race, then at the end of the map, the map was flashing lights and almost killed my eyes. So at that point I was done with Ball Race, so I headed to the plaza. The plaza was quite normal, until a giant weird looking player model came running towards me and it’s face was in my face, jumpscaring me I guess. And that’s where it ended. Weird experience.

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I dream just about every night, and they are so extremely vivid. I’ve had dreams that I could describe in detail for hours on end.

A weird on in recent memory was I was somehow at this gang racing meetup and one guy goes, “I have the chaos emeralds!” then turns into shadow the hedgehog and start beating everyone’s ass.


Lol. I’m dying. That’s hilarious.

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Not really the craziest dream… quite the opposite actually, but that’s what made it so funny.

I once had a dream that I was trying to sleep and couldn’t because of various things that would keep waking me up.

… Yeah this was during a time when I had to pull several consecutive all-nighters so I guess I was so tired that my body wanted to pull an inception and let me sleep within my sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


This is honeslty a lot of my dreams. I’ll have dreams in which I’m sleeping, or even having dreams within dreams.

This has resulted in me accidentally oversleeping on many occasions because I’ll turn off my alarms and dream that I’m going on about my day. I’ve had so many reality bending dreams.

To be honest, I would rather I didn’t dream at all. Having such vivid dreams all the time can ironically be extremely exhausting.

Honestly, I’ve had plenty of nights where I didn’t dream about anything, and I always felt exhausted when I woke up on those nights, so, at least for me, not dreaming also sucks.

raisin bread raining from the sky.


On many occasions I’ve dreamt an entire day of work or chores, doing something as mundane as scrubbing dishes, only to wake up to an alarm to actually have to go to work. It basically makes my workload feel even bigger. Dreams are weird.

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I like the dreams I have that leave a specific song in my head, like I remember one of my dreams ending on a bittersweet ending (don’t remember the specifics of it) and ‘Don’t look back in anger’ was looping in my head. When I woke up I immediately had the urge to listen to the song and throughout that day it didn’t leave my head.

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I have a dream of becoming a thicc big round belly blue dragon, but the only I wanted to be me is to found a company focusing on ordering/delivering fursuits to people who doesn’t have one, building a furry convention in where I lived and creating one and only game for the PC (could be an MMO Furry game, when you can customize your fursona as you can replicated your reference sheet or from scratch)

Should be on the Unreal Engine, or some engine when your PM can possibly stretch or something…

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looks up , the first sentence of the post above me was… well uhh yeah… :neutral_face:

i guess a weird one would be maybe something like the time where i was frozen watching myself sleeping from above, just stuck watching for a few days (it felt like it at least)

nothing happened, just was boring, i dont really have dreams (at least from what i remember afterwards) anymore so maybe something weirder happened idk, and idc

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all of my dreams are weird, i mean just last night of this post well
i had a dream tower unite was at [a] school and the tower unite staff handed me 20 tower unite branded condoms, and the school was actually a gmod map and it had 9 art classes, and someone also ate a condom in front of me, and i had wings.

its like the dream i had one time where i was at walmart and to join a cult i needed to do something and thus i played team fortress 2 irl to do so and everyone in the cult were butterflies

or the dream where i needed to choose a mlp pony to be my familiar, i was a maplestory character in ohio, visiting old family that hated me, and i needed to spend money to save some people from a case, and some people were upset my family was mean to me and made me a (csgo) anarchist bf robot

or the dream where there was a party at my house and it was like homecoming but at my house with a bunch of adults.

or even the dream where a bug ate a bomb and my mushroomhead sweater and so we needed to call a doctor to get the bomb out

or even the dream where csgo knives were only 20$

i can be here all day