A Weird Dream About TU


A night or two ago, I had a really weird dream about TU. The dream was that a new update came out, which was

The dream started with me playing in a Little Crusaders map which was a large-ish grass square with a bunch of concrete/grass hills in the center, and the edges had mini-mountains surrounding it. The concrete was the same texture as the platform in the Smooth Dirt condo, and the grass was the old grass texture from the same condo. This was a workshop map. I didn’t know the update was out while playing this, and I was a dragon. When right clicking, the dragon breathed fire instead of roaring. The dragon didn’t slow down by doing this, and it had no cooldown for some reason. A count and a pink pigmask were trying to press my button, and they did. While playing, I got an achievement. This was the final round.

The game ended, and I went to the plaza to play laser tag, and walked into the building that the arcade would normally be in. The interior was the new arcade interior (look at Trello), but stylised like the Solar map for Virus. The room was cut off at the 2 pathways going around the counter where you would enter, and there was a screen to the right of the sliding door I entered through. It had a ton of maps for Laser Tag, all from the Steam Workshop. They were usually all dark, but one map was a small mall, and the floor was covered in sand. I also had a different accent.

And then I woke up.

Tldr; Fire breathing dragons, pigmasks, workshop game world maps, achievements, and future arcade = laser tag lobby are all coming in the update because my unconscious brain said so.


Seems like a epic dream


It was epic until I realized it wasn’t real.


It would be confusing if we had an update of Tower Unite.

Nice dream though.


I’ve had a couple of TU themed dreams with weird alternate reality versions of it. I had one dream a while back pre 0.6 where 0.6 released, Elevator Source replaced the Elevator in the transit station, and the most popular workshop model was a yoda. The elevator was in this weird sphere shape. Like a large ring with the middle filled in but not so much that you couldn’t walk around, multiple doors around leading out to different places.




I feel like I may have had a dream of being in the TU Plaza, but I can’t remember.