What was your inventory before closing?


Hello there, I found out that the GMT leaderboard servers are still up and I wanted to see what everyone was doing before the clock ticked. Find your inventory and stats here.

Here is my inventory before closing:



Notice the large amount of censored pots


Store Value: 1,130,439 GMC
Resell Value: 565,219 GMC


Believe it or not, I actually didn’t have that much.

Glad I at least got a pic before it possibly goes down for good, though.


So many keg before, i use to have 7 rows of kegs… i also have many more items my trunk is pretty much full.


Not very impressive, I know, I just started really playing Tower fairly recently.


Lots of stuff in my condo. Also, does the Store Value include your condo upgrade purchases or not? I managed to buy everything except the Garden. Also, Top Hat for the win!


I born poor, dirt poor, with only a melon pet to my name as I struck out into the Tower Unite world.




I was pretty pleased with my 3+ years on GMT. I managed to achieve #10 on the money scoreboard with EXACTLY 5,000,000 gmc (Almost missed this as I had to make 100k in a couple days whilst working full time), I got #11 on the tetris scoreboard and I also owned every single playermodel, hat, and holiday item available!! As well as getting every achievement available apart from 2… even the ones that were removed, such as the Red Barron achievement from the planes minigame! (Please please please bring this back)
This was my inventory when it all ended. (With items with missing pictures named)




its pretty garbage


I also had a lot of stuff in the moving boxes in my condo from Lobby 1, but never had a chance to put everything back up or into my vault.


RIP my 100 hours on GMT i’m actually kinda sad about that :frowning:
I also had a a whole lot of stuff in my moving boxes but I was to lazy to put it into the vault.


Will money also get transferred to Tower Unite? Or is it just items?
I don’t want my 74k to go to waste :confounded:



yes, like almost everything get transferred, even condo upgrades