What was your inventory before closing?



Decided to pitch in for preservation’s sake.


I would have more stuff in there…but the condo glitch happened and they never got back to me on that :’(

But i’m still glad with what i got:

It’s funny…the beer kegs remind me of lobby one, i made a one row pyramid of beer, everyone went nuts when they saw it, some took pictures and told me it looked awesome, how i wish i could re-live those times…


My inventory was empty af.


I am missing some stuff due to being affected by the condo glitch.

However, Mac said the item transfer process would detect missing items and give them back to you :smile:


Damn, your inventory’s filled.


I think my most valuable item is that star fox trophie :trophy:



My Vault:

(And that purple line at the bottom of the image is the taskbar which slightly got inside while I was cropping my screencap in MS Paint)


I had most of my stuff placed in my Condo when it closed, so there’s not that much to see.



not much to do, not much to see


Have not played in a long time (2013) but here it is.
P.S I wish I knew there was a kickstarter for Tower Unite I would have backed it :cry:


a lot of people didn’t know :smirk:
not saying anything


Just a head’s up, condo items are now appearing in the item lists.

I didn’t know I owned a gun rack until now.


New net worth.

It doesn’t seem to be showing all condo items, for example my blue portal poster is missing from that listing. Disco Ball is missing too, and many of my building blocks (although the list might not show duplicates), and probably some other stuff.


Here is my condo stuff

y u no show all of my shit

EDIT: Oops almost forgot my new net worth and stuff


Yay, we can finally see our transfer value :smiley:

I had 6 Sunabouzu shrines, and every single skin from GMT.

So it looks like I’m getting ~4 million units. Cheers!


I didn’t have a whole lot of hours in gmt, I had never even seen lobby 2 in gmod


I had to keep my hula doll collection safe and sound.