What kind of mods can be made for TU through Workshop?

Will it just be player models and arcade games? Or will we be able to replace music, sounds, and maybe models for certain items? (A good example would be replacing the TNT model in Virus into a bottlecap mine from Fallout.)

Of course, any mods of that sort would only be seen/heard by whoever has the mod installed.

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I couldn’t find another post regarding the limits of Workshop mods.

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Playermodels, and I believe maps and furniture as well.


So far, I don’t think they’ve completely figured out how much mods should be able to do, but we’re for sure getting custom furniture, shareable condo saves, custom player models, and arcade games. While I would love for some more stuff in the future, those are the only things that have been confirmed as of now.

I really hope they will use the workshop items (such as player models, maps and furnitures) and put them into the official servers. letting the community make content is a win win in my opinion :smiley:

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If I recall correctly, nothing has actually been confirmed. There has been interest expressed in those (and I’d love to see them in), but I don’t remember seeing/hearing a dev say “X will be in Steam Workshop.”

Arcade games is the closest one I can think to being confirmed, but I don’t think they’ve explicitly stated that custom arcade games are on the Workshop. It’s certainly likely, though.


Can we summon devs in this thread and ask? ))

they propably have no idea themselves

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We plan to have custom Arcade games, Condo layouts (preview only), Condo item bundles, custom models for Condo, and player models. Nothing is confirmed until it is done, but that is our current plan.


While condo furniture makes sense to me (people’s games can just download the models while joining+condos are privately hosted), player models don’t. New players constantly join the lobbies, which means you’d have to keep downloading new models during your time in the plaza. Or am I wrong?

Well, there could always be a default or placeholder player model while custom ones are downloading (or are otherwise hidden).

Yeah, what I meant by confirmed was that they were mentioned on streams. I’m sure they’ll all happen eventually though.