Workshop? and how will it work?

Will we be able to make maps that could be voted into the game?

And can we make custom hats and accessories? and which 3d program can we make it in and how do we submit it?


I like how you quoted this post in that.

@DENMarkus to answer your questions:

  1. As of right now, the devs haven’t said anything regarding custom maps. Maybe one day in the future but it probably won’t happen until their current plans are done.

  2. It doesn’t look like there will be a system to vote content into the game. It’s not out of the question but it appears that you’ll simply download stuff from Workshop and use it in your own game.

  3. I don’t know if you’ll be able to make specific hats and accessories, but you’ll be able to make custom player models that have them prebuilt. I believe the only workshop items that devs have talked about publically are: Custom Player Models, Custom Items (like furniture, maybe weapons or equippables?), and Arcade Games.

  4. I think you’ll be able to make the models using any 3D modelling software, although it’d probably need to be formatted to work in Unreal Engine. The models will need to be uploaded to Workshop directlt. I think Zak was working on a tool to make this process easier, but since Workshop hasn’t been a priority lately, the software hasn’t been shown off in a long time.

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Whoops. Didn’t notice that. Fixed it.

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I think the best way for the workshop to work is for players to create playermodels and than people cote on if they are going to get added or not

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The problem with this is that it requires developer interaction. While this is fine when they are focused on TU, the truth is that eventually they’ll need to move on. It takes time (and, by extension, money) to inspect each submission to see if it’s worth adding (even if they’re filtered by vote). Eventually, this results in solid, new submissions being completely omitted because no one’s willing to put the manpower into slogging through all the submissions.

Not only this, but by restricting content shown to officially sanctioned content you’d also be restricting creative freedom. By just giving each player agency over what they allow to be shown to them, it not only allows for greater freedom in the creation of community content but more personalized filtering of that content as well. Remember all the fun models you could get in GMT? With a free workshop, those could return since the workshop is just a collection of mods and, by extension, isn’t really bound by copyright limitations. Officially sanctioned items are.

Sure, you’ll end up with the occasional person who’s looking to abuse this by running around as a giant dong or something. I’m not saying that this won’t occur nor am I claiming that this isn’t an inevitable problem. I just believe that giving players more freedom tends to result in greater things being produced and a more positive outcome as a result.


Look at gmt they took the models they wanted from the workshop and added them in. That way there was something for every one and notniust anime and giant dongs

GMT was a mod and, as a result, not bound by the same copyright limitations that TU is. Pixeltail can’t sanction a Link or Liberty Prime playermodel anymore. We won’t see the G Men running around with Marty McFly unless Pixeltail allows the community to do their thing on their own time. Even if freeing the people to make whatever they want means unleashing a wave of nude anime girls and giant dongs, I still say release the floodgates! I would rather see people expressing themselves to the fullest than being locked behind some arbitrary gate of approval. No one’s forcing anyone to view these playermodels, after all; there’s a reason the devs are being careful about making suitable content controls.


I’m cool with this idea under one exception. I should be able to block their avatars by username, so I won’t be seeing their disgusting avatar choices.

Like, right clicking on their avatars and then giving me the option to block their avatar.

My other idea would have been to hire some people to moderate the workshop. Those mods are able to approve certain playermodels that fit the criteria(polygon friendly for example). Each player model or furniture should also be purchaseable for a hefty price, maybe 30k units.

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Blocking custom models on specific players is a good idea, I can see that working like canvas parental controls. Having people moderate the workshop might be too costly for not enough benefit. I’m sure they can make it so that workshop submissions don’t exceed certain limits, and of course all NSFW content will instantly be removed as it goes against Steam policy.

For that last point I completely disagree. Custom content shouldn’t cost anywhere near that much if anything at all (it has been said on stream that workshop content will be free in-game). TU simply isn’t the kind of game that should limit players’ ability to try different models out. As for furniture, I do feel that it may be unfair to players who’ve spent millions on furniture, so to mitigate this, how about some achievements/milestones for having your condo be worth X amount of units? It would be fun to have a big goal on all parts of the game, whether it be minigames, plaza activities, or condo building.

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Getting units in this game isn’t even that much of a hassle, especially with the recent payout buffs. Wouldn’t that encourage people do actually play gamemodes? Not everyone wants to build giant structures. Therefor, some people have like 200k units with nothing to spend on. The price for playermodels or furnitures could be a bit cheaper, I admit.

Also i don’t really understand what you mean by this:

If we can just get every workshop furniture piece for free, then what is the point of playing minigames to obtain units or buy furnitures? Also wouldn’t that kinda contradict with your statement [quote]it may be unfair to players who’ve spent millions on furniture[/quote] I feel like it would be unfair to me when every workshop furniture would be free.

Again, i might have totally misunderstood that point.

For the whole grinding thing, I just think the pros of free player models outweighs the cons. I’d be fine paying units for official ones but they can’t really mediate that if we play on unofficial servers.

As for the furniture thing:
I did write this at like 3am so maybe my point didn’t get across very well :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically I was just saying I agree free [workshop] furniture could feel unfair to people who actually did spend money on their condos. My idea to deal with this is to have milestones based on the net worth of your condo. For example, a milestone for having your condo be worth 5M units would only be obtainable if you legitimately buy furniture.

I hope I was able to articulate it better this time haha :smiley:


well if you guys dont agree eith payed playermodels i think furniture shouldnt be free, no one would place the minigames at all since they can get what ever they want for free