What is the new shop?

In the shop area near the upgrades shop, (not functional) what’s being added behind the black rectangle and blocked out windows?

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Accessory store :ok_hand:


thanks for telling me

Do they have progress on the accessory store? I couldn’t seem to find it on their trello.



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Thank you!

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The accessory store is actually the hats/pool floats/etc. that are in the appearance menu, the Upgrade store is where the upgrades go.


@CalculatorSpoon I thought that idea was scrapped? I don’t remember much of the old Plaza, but didn’t that used to exist in the old Plaza? Perhaps it was just a concept, not sure here.

When Lobby 3 came out, you used to be able to go in the store and it looked, design wise, complete. The upgrades are the things when you go the the Games section of the Appearance menu. Alongside the milestone items we have now, it will have things like Ball Race materials and shapes like shown in this Dev Log or Minigolf trails like shown in this Dev Log. If it was scrapped I think it would’ve been moved out of “Next Up In Development” in the Trello, as they’re pretty good at keeping it organized.

Upgrades store is pretty far along (And the store’s interior is already in the plaza), and accessory store will just be the same as the accessory tab, and/or a remake of that system as far as I know.

we can think of the accessory ingame menu and the accessory store similar to tower express and other shops.

meaning maybe there will be sales that will be on items in the physical accessory shop that won’t be on the ESC menu accessory shop.