What is the extent of modding in Tower?

Other than custom player models, furnature, hats, accessories, maps, ect. will people be able to make their own “addons” (similar to gmod) where you can make a ULX-esque addon where you add your own commands for “ignite” or “ragdoll”… or a mod where you can add your own chat/console commands that would modify the player’s speed, jump height, player scale, ect? Would it be possible for someone to make a mod that would add something similar to the physics gun from gmod where they could move props and people around?

(I understand the difficulty of making these mods, I’m just trying to use complex mods as an example to know the extent of modding for TU)

I’d still play the ever-loving shit out of Tower if it didn’t have this level of moddability, but it would still be something amazing to have.

(And I also know that it can depend on how much UE4 supports it, but I’m not aware of how much UE4 supports it, as I can’t find it anywhere online)

#EDIT: I asked the developers in their most recent stream, and they said they have no idea at the moment because they don’t have a final base-game that would have moddability. But in the end, they said they aren’t certain if it will be in the end game or not.


This is a good question. I’d definitely love to hear from a developer about this. A game’s modability often determines its replayability.

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In my experience, UE4 is a very moddable engine. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to go as far as, say, custom plazas, but I think it’s a good idea to consider that our limit.

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They have confirmed custom plazas aswell as custom maps for game worlds, condos, custom furniture, hats, accessories, and player models! Oh, and arcade games :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I stand corrected! :open_mouth:

I’m starting to wonder what we can’t mod!

Did they?
I don’t remember that.

I’m almost certain there’s a link to it in my “Everything confirmed for Tower Unite” post

Really? Lobby 1 in Tower Unite confirmed.

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I had talked to one of the developers a while back and they ended up saying that they might do a remake of Lobby 1 as a side project during Early Access with all new textures and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Found the quote:

Sorry if it’s a little too late to reply to this thread, but is modding implemented yet? I would like to know before purchasing the game.


It is not yet implemented into the game, but it is still a planned feature and the specifics of which have yet to be announced.