What community events do you guys wanna see?

Condo games
@Xmarksit made a really fun one a while back [Minigame] Collect-a-Thon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E67mQbIISp0
i imagining something like race for the wool from mine craft but in TU,
you would need to collect things from certain challenges like: mazes parkour area, (also since TU has source physics maybe one area for a mini surf bit), maybe a challenge with the teleporters something like habbos teleporter mazes can also be added

these could be done with 2 teams of 5 or something vs each other, then everyone either can apply to play or spectate from a live stream or ingame

then for building it, maybe in the normal condo build competitions you can ask the best builders to come into a community condo and help build in it


Whoa, those are some really cool ideas. @Xmarksit’s minigame is so cool, I’d love to give that a try one day!

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During Community Events, maybe have a special server or have an existing server enhanced to increase player amount and have a bold COMMUNITY EVENT right next to PIXELTAIL on the server list, and there can be a description on the Community Event when you hold C. I was mainly thinking this can be good for Movie Nights.


On the subject of condo contests and minigames, how about a contest for building RC Race Tracks? I think this one could double up in the future and lead to potential RC Racing tournaments as well.

I also think that once Community Condos are out, it’ll be a lot easier for Pixeltail to host their own minigames or allow [authorised] people to contribute and build things on some sort of officially hosted condo. You could do things like Easter Egg Hunts on the official server.

Other than that that, +1 to the fanart contests idea. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be limited to drawn images. We can have contests for some splash screens or mini videos to use in the theatre.

More streams would be nice though I understand the devs are busy and can’t always dedicate time for them. Would be cool to have the occasional one-off stream where even just one or two of the devs play a new map/minigame and answer some questions from the community or something.

Overall I’m excited for any sort of extra community events in TU! I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy things people come up with when there’s competition involved :laughing:


Oh man, I’d love some kind of racing tournament. But I think we should just wait for Accelerate, even if development hasn’t properly started yet.

I think the fan art idea is the best idea we have so far! It’s incredible to see what people make on TU already.

I’d love if the team could stream more and have a Q&A like they do sometimes. There’s a lot to play and talk about with the Arcade by the looks of the Arcade Machines And You thread, I’d really like to see a Q&A stream for when that comes out.

Some really good points though, thank you so much!


Just gonna add to the choir here and say; yes please to the Fan Art stuff. It doesn’t even have to have a prize just some kind of fan art event or maybe even a zine.


Noted, thanks!

I’m not sure if someone else suggested this already but I think a trivia night would be fun.

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I love Trivia. How would it run, given we have the Trivia plaza game already?

I just wanted to pop in and reply that I don’t feel comfortable having competitive events, maybe have double xp or boosters for certain activities like fishing, movies, etc.


I believe I still have the save so whenever we’re both on you and anyone else can give a try.
Was a fun minigame but requires a lot of maintenance from the host, wish I could automate it a bit more somehow.


Group Photos: Get players together and stand around or in front of tower Point of Interests. Photo Op in front of the tower, fountain, beach, and more.

Game night: Play some non-TU games (Jackbox games, draw with others). Tower related answers and drawings.

Scavanger/Treasure Hunt: Make a list of clues or riddles for the community to complete/solve together. The clues can be found around the tower.

Catsack Festival: Everyone puts their catsacks in their condo as part of a massive catsack unboxing festival. We go to one peron’s catsack filled condo and watch the condo owner open their loot. After the owner opens all their catsacks, we go to another catsack filled condo. We can make (just for fun) bets and minigames predicting what loot they get. We could make a list counting how many catsacks we opened during the festival. We can also verify people who has at least one cosmic catsack and set up a hall of fame in a condo or a forum post.


TU Hack Week
A week for participants to create the most interesting, useful, entertaining, etc creations by finding new ways to use items in their condos, programming laser projectors, etc. This would be similar to condo contests but would specifically aim for looking at ways to make something new out of something else, or to bend the limits of what the game gives you. You can make physics based minigames, complex projections with the laser projectors, etc. This could be greatly expanded upon once Condo I/O and Community Condos come out. Maybe the winner(s) could be put on some type of “monthly showcase”? Leads me to my next idea.
Tower Monthly Showcase
A magazine-style compilation (or maybe a forum post) showcasing the highlights of the month in what the community has created, found, worn, etc. Could also give information and show dev news on upcoming updates and a whole lot more. Maybe even a section about stuff people have done in the community that’s not directly related to TU? To add some type of external element to it.


a fun thing to do on special occasions like christmas, halloween, 4th of july and such is to just get as many people into a lobby or condo and just have a party
Then it will have the main person who hosts songs and games for people via Mic
playing the cha cha slide so people can do the cha cha slide along with the song
getting people to start a conga line
doing Simon says
musical chairs
then also other fun things people can actively get involved in


Definitely. I’ve already mentioned this to the team actually. Got it noted!

These are all SO good! I wanna do aaaalllll these! If there’s enough demand I’d be more than happy to host a Jackbox, Skribbl, etc.

Not sure if this has been suggested but I think it would be interesting if there was a story themed condo build contest. Everyone has there own style of Condos whether it be spooky, futuristic, medieval etc and although the building does count to the contest the stories behind certain areas (obviously just something made up) are what really sells it. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout and I had the idea of making my own vault with my own vault number and my own lore behind it, but it get to it you need to do some digging. Things like notebooks could be used to tell the story, NPCs with unique backstories or things to say, even media if you have the time. Maybe it could be a good idea idk just something I thought of. :slight_smile:

I’m sure this is a little much for some people but who knows, maybe we have some story tellers out there!


I like the idea of a top 10 condos 2019 sort of thing, with honerable mentions of course. Any condos submitted to forums can then be voted on by the community from the start to the end of January. The way I would see this working is that the condo showcase threads that had been uploaded or significantly updated during 2019 would be compiled and separated and then, the same way you vote suggestions, during this period you would be able to vote condos. At the end a thread would be made compiling the different condo threads and having a brief showcase for each with a comment on what made the community vote for it. I feel like this idea might be controversial so I’ll leave it here and see what you guys think.

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I like the idea of a Condos contest. I think another nice thing is doing something to promote Community made content on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. (I’m totally not saying this because I run a Twitch-streamed Talk show lol). An event could be run that different content creators can be invited to to participate or commentate, etc etc. Another Idea that I would like to do is more community events in the plaza centered around making use of new additions. For instance when Mopeds and other mobility items get added, we can do a Race around the plaza! Or perhaps we can do a big pool fun day or some shiz.

Either way, it’ll be great to see some promotion of TU content creators or more spontaneous community events.


A Top 10 Condos sounds pretty cool. Although I think doing it for every quarter of the year would make more sense, because people don’t have to wait for so long and the chance of people going inactive by December would be gone.