What Are You Guys Most Excited About?


Community condos. (surprised that isn’t on the list, honestly.)

But honestly, emotes, new global chat, and workshop are pretty good runner-ups.


Honestly the arcade is a pretty prime-time add-on but personally I like the zombie gamemode coming out. I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing that non-stop.


ZM, we need more co-op gamemodes


Winter plaza.


The day im going to die.

But seriously im mostly excited for the fishing mechanic, expanded ocean and the metal detector to be implemented.

Imagine taking a boat and sailing out to sea to catch some fish then after some time has been spent catching a huge pile of fish you notice an island in the horizon that has huge beaches that could hold many treasures.
Then you sail over there and start scanning the beach with your metal detector in the hopes of finding treasure buried on the beach.
After a long day of doing those things you head back to the tower your boat practically filled to the brim with the spoils from todays adventure, then you head into your condo and proudly display all the stuff you have found on your adventure for all to see.

And maybe the achievements so that i got a reason to do it all while hopping around everywhere like an insane rabbit.


I’m most excited about the things i can grind the shit out of for whatever reason.


So basically everything.



@NoBrain i bet you can’t top what he just said.


Definitely the arcade, especially if you can compete against other players high scores.