What Are You Guys Most Excited About?

  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • RC Cars and Boat
  • Ocean Expansion
  • Zombie Massacre (Game World)
  • Upgrade Store
  • Make Planet Panic Great again!
  • Emotes
  • WorkShop
  • Arcade

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SDNL but Arcade works aswell


Both the Ocean Expansion and Fishing. I feel it’ll bring more people out to fish in the plaza. :wink:


Workshop because of the potential it has.


Either workshop, or, even better, advanced condo tools. Especially better placement tools.

I think everyone who’s played long enough has developed their own condo placement horror stories at this point.


I’d say out of all of those options, Arcade will be the most fun since it has the widest variety of gameplay. We’ll literally have infinite games to play for as long as the community uses the API :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess I’m the one person to answer with cooking. :sweat:

I don’t know why it is, but I’ve always loved food as well as cooking in games. From games like Final Fantasy XV to Zelda:BOTW, there’s something extremely gratifying about it for me. Maybe it’s the reward of temporary stat boosts you usually get from it for putting a bit of extra work in.


Hey man, I’m excited for cooking too but I feel like it offers some of the least content of the above choices on its own. If cooking and ocean expansion were merged (since they are set to come out together), then I could easily see it being a much more popular vote :slight_smile:


Arcade and the badge/exp/milestone/achievement/scoreboard update.


YES. Great combo.


Oh man, if achievements/milestones/etc was on the poll that would have stolen my vote instantly.


Am I literally the only one who’s still excited for RC Cars?


Condo Tools


If its good fishing, I’m going to spend so much time doing nothing but that. If I had to choose close seconds the arcade and ocean expansion would be great. Don’t know enough about how cooking is going to work to comment on that.


I also voted cooking!


I was torn between Zombie Massacre and RC Car/Boats.


I am most excited at cooking. But the most worried thing is for me I don’t know well how to cook. Though I bought a book based on cooking.


Cooking is cool and I’m actually really excited about Zombie Massacre, but my vote goes to Fishing since I really would like a money farm/grind that can beat the casino. I really would like more money on bigger projects but I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to win a WOM or Triple Diamonds.


The clear winner here. This gamemode has such fantastic foundations.

But seriously any feature makes me happy.


Achivments,upgraded stores and Arcade