What feature are YOU most excited for?

What feature are YOU most exited for in the active development section?

  • Living Lobby
  • Global Chat and Chat Rewrite
  • Workshop support
  • Plaza events
  • Parental controls
  • Zombie Massacre
  • Minigolf : Odyssey
  • Fishing
  • Arcade
  • Steam achievements, stats, etc…
  • Nature store
  • Additional hotbar for weapons
  • Inventory Portable Tools

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Plaza Events and the Global Chat Rewrite are part of the Living Lobby



Fixed a minor typo in the title for you. :slight_smile:
Definitely excited for Living Lobby the most.

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I’m hyped for Plaza Events, but Workshop support would make this game infinitely better in my opinion. It’s a tough choice between the two, I would have voted for both.


Ah thank you for the clarification!

I’m pumped for Arcade the most (in this list), but not listed I’m anxious for Advanced Condo Tools so we can have coop editing so i can finally do stuff with friends in the condos.

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All of them.


I’m excited for the living lobby since with it the lobbies will feel a lot more active and not just a bunch of people at the casino or bowling.

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I’m excited for them all, but I’m most excited for achievements.

because im a tryhard ;((

Man this was tough. In my opinion, Living Lobby has the advantage just because it does so much (Events, Merged Servers, Global Chat, possibly even player emotes). However, in the longrun, I think Statistics / Achievements / Milestones / Badges are the most exciting because they’ll add a lot more depth to the gameplay. Right now you play to get units so you can build a condo, but once achievements are out, there’ll be real objectives to strive for :slight_smile:


I’m honestly split between the arcade (it’s a bloody arcade what more do you want), the living lobby (I love time-based events and connecting the lobbies will make them feel more… well… alive) and the badge/XP/achievement/milestone/scoreboard update (doing anything will suddenly feel more rewarding). Voted for the arcade though, if only because there are no other virtual modern arcade experiences available.

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Very well said

My #1 is a tie between Living Lobby and Community Condos, honestly (even though the latter isn’t on the list, HMMMMM).

Runners-up are workshop items/playermodels (and eventually maps I hope), parental controls, condo tools, and hopefully a main menu UI redesign. :wink:

Arcade and achievements, nuff said

mcdguy votet for arcade :open_mouth:

im excited for arcade too, and steam achievements , stats and living lobby

I voted parental controls, just because I felt bad for it.