We're getting awfully close

To the first strech goal!

Let’s keep on funding!

Do we really need another thread about how far/close we are to a milestone/gemstone/funding/stretch goal?




It’s better than no thread at all. This forum’s been dying/died since we reached funding.

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I don’t understand why the forums are both almost dead.
The gmod tower forum is dead and sometimes here aren’t posts for some hours. The gmod tower servers are full moat the time and we got ~1600 backers. But you can count all forum posters on your hands.

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You have some fucked up hands lol


I don’t either. This one is probably dead because a lot of unfaithful folks came around to watch the countdown together and then dropped ship.

As for Gmod Tower, I don’t know. Forum posting isn’t for everyone.

Considering he meant frequenting users, he’s not wrong.

Everyone is too busy shoving Golf Balls and GMC payouts up their rectum to post on any of the forums

All silly jokes aside, like what’s been stated, forum posting isn’t for everyone, and some people were just here for the countdown. I myself tend to lurk and like posts more than anything myself, because I have nothing of interest to add 90% of the time.

But hey, at least we active people will stick around.


Yeah, same with me. I mostly tend to just read what is said, and don’t comment on it. I do like posts, though. So I guess I do something.

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You’ll see me almost daily. I can say the same for many others.

No posts for 1+ hour = Dead/Inactive Forum.

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I don’t know what I’m more excited for: The upcoming milestone, or what milestone will be announced after it!

I’m just hyped for the one we’re going to hit soon, the one after is a longshot but still in the realm of possibility.

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I guess I’m just the kind of guy that likes to know what could have been. The track they’re on right now for v1.0 Stable will likely have way more stuff than Gmod Tower does right now, and that’s damn impressive!

This team of just a handful of people can pump out a true sequel(?) that’s already on track to do more than it’s predecessor in the alpha stages! Take a note, EA.

Because I didn’t forget about Sims 4.

The game will feel like GMTower and function almost the same, but it is bigger and better. That is a true sequel.
Also, they plan on adding more content in the next 6 months than they were able to in GMTower over 6 years.

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I agree on the fact that forum posting isn’t for everyone. I have seen several forums of games where the community is enormous yet the forums have a very specific number of posters.

I honestly prefer that way as odd as it sounds. As a user, it helps meet various people and form a decent relationship and develop more as a community. If I had a forum as a Game Developer the same opinion applies since you would be able to filter (and therefor extrude) much better what the community wants.


A majority of the GM tower playerbase are young kids which you don’t find spend times on forums often. Which is a good thing, it means the forum content is better and the posters are more mature (most of the time).

Anyway, this forum isn’t dead, there are new posts every day. I wouldn’t say a forum needs 1 post every minute/hour because it starts to become less of a community within the forum and just a bunch of posts you don’t have time to read and so many people you won’t be able to remember them all. Lastly, this is just the beginning of Tower Unite so it can’t be the end for the forums :wink:


U WOT M8 looks at age being 18 oh shiz maturity funtion activates.

I should be a bit more active on the forums i mean i do look at EVERY new post but i barely comment.


Most of the time I don’t post, I just read. But hey, you have a good point, there’s not a lot of people posting compared to our backer amount.