Weekly Dev Log for May 11th, 2020

Weekly Dev Log for May 11th, 2020

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for May 11th, 2020, detailing all the changes that have happened since May 4th, 2020. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

May 2020 Player Survey Results

We’ve wrapped up the player survey for May 2020. Thanks for all 1,724 of you for taking the time to do this survey. You can see the results of the survey here.


We’ve renamed Hotfix to Update This update will a slew of Bug Fixes, along with a new Zombie Massacre map, some polish to the Virus map, “Hospital”, and some improvements to Little Crusaders. You can read more about this update here.

Monthly Dev Breakdown for April 2020


@Johanna continued working on Pine Valley and Sunrise Isles, and started to block out Archenemypelago.

@JJosh started working on the “Flower Power” kart.

@Lifeless continued working on Bedzoom.

@macdguy continued working on Accelerate, finishing certain items and tweaking others. Made some logic changes to the Bouncing Items (handling gravity), worked on the Pin Shield item and Moon Power items. Also fixed some issues with boosting and drifting.

@Madmijk continued working on items for Accelerate, namely the Golf Hole and Bowling Ball items.

@Wheezwer worked on item icons for Accelerate, along with the carpet for Bedzoom.

Accelerate: Moon Power Item WIP

Accelerate: Item Shield Item WIP

Accelerate: Bouncing Items WIP

Accelerate: Jumping (New / Old)

Accelerate: Item Throw Prediction

Accelerate: Homing Bowling Ball Damage

Accelerate: Wheel Suspension Simulation

Accelerate: Player Interaction (Bumping)

Accelerate: Archenemypelago Blockout WIP

Accelerate: Pine Valley Progress WIP

Accelerate: Sunrise Isles WIP

Zombie Massacre: Nightyard

@Lifeless worked on a very difficult, night time version of the Zombie Massacre map, “Trainyard”.

Zombie Massacre: Nightyard WIP


@Caboose700 started working on a re-write of the Open Trivia Database code, and uploaded new Steam Achievement icons to Steam.

@JJosh worked on some upgrades for Little Crusaders.

@Sketchman created a potential fix for Workshop NPCs crashing, along with a potential solution for some Workshop Static Meshes never downloading. He also continued working on improvements for the new network synchronizing code.

@Wheezwer continued working on the Steam trading cards.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since May 4th, 2020 at PixelTail Games. See you all next week!







drift island is coming back pog

now bring back rave


Hopefully the night time version of trainyard won’t have zombies falling out of the map!

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scram off ye giddy baboon

Sunrise isles reminds me of the one from greenlight trailer for the game


Accelerate is really coming together!

Awesome idea reusing some existing assets to create some new content!

Very excited to see if this has some improvements on the lingering download times!


Has it been determined how the “blue shell” will function in Accelerate? I hope it’ll be something that can be avoided so long as you maintain your speed and not something that’s a guaranteed hit like in most racers.


Obviously I don’t know the extent of the changes being made for this so this idea could be completely out there, but could this potentially be a mutator for all maps? Maybe all ZM maps could have a toggle between day/night for reduced/increased difficulty in the future.


It’s the same map I’m pretty sure.

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Wow I seemed to be on the opposite of a lot of other people when it comes to the poll. Major hype for accelerate though!


Yeah, I did see some surprising results. More people hated Island than Forest lmao.


These new maps look like some of the teams finest, especially with the bright colors and lighting. Very excited to play on them!